Big Brother 23 Episode 33 Recap: Veto Winner Takes All


Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will watch the houseguests play the most important competition of the season. There are only four members of the game left inside the house, all fighting for their seats in the final two. At that point, their peers, AKA jury members, will take over and vote for the winner of this season’s largest prize ever…$750,000!

Xavier Prather is the current Head of Household after he won the previous HOH competition based in the BB Crime Lab. Xavier nominated Azah Asasum and Kyland Young to the block for eviction. Derek Frazier is the only vote for eviction, as it stands right now. This week’s POV winner holds all the power when it comes to the block and the vote this week. Can Xavier win another competition inside the Big Brother house?

Week 11 Block Nomination Fallout

Xavier’s ultimate goal is to get himself and Big D to the final three. All four houseguests know how important this POV win is to their games. This is Azah’s first trip to the block this Big Brother season. She is uncomfortable and worried she will be going to the jury this week.

Azah asked Big D if he has a final three deal with the guys, and he said no. Then he admitted he had a final two with Xavier and a final two with Kyland. Azah made sure to let him know that was equal to a final three with the guys.

Big D is struggling with the idea of sending Azah home, and he shared those feelings with Kyland. The guys, Kyland, Xavier, and Big D, have had a final three deal for the majority of the Big Brother 23 season.

Big D went to Kyland and asked him if they were still good with their final two deal? Kyland was hesitant to answer, and he said he his having a hard time looking past this week. This made Big D worried that he can’t Kyland any longer. In the end, Kyland wouldn’t commit to a final two and simply left the conversation.

Big D had an emotional moment with Azah in the Big Brother communal bedroom. He apologized to her for not having her back 100 percent. He said he needed to man up and not let his emotions get in the way. He made it clear to her that he was considering taking her to the final three which made Azah very happy.

Week 11 Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called BB Winning Days. In this competition, the players will be asked questions pertaining to a certain day inside the Big Brother house. They must know the exact day each scenario occurred.

They will have to walk across a see-saw to collect different colored balls with numbers painted on the outside. After they collect the balls needed to total the day in the house the question occurred, they must walk back across the see-saw and place their balls in their veto card that is attached to the see-saw.

If any balls fall off their veto card or if they fall off their see-saw, they must empty out their card and start over.  Once they feel they have the correct balls on their veto card, they will hit their buzzer to see if they are correct. If they are incorrect, they can adjust their answer.

The last player to finish in each round will receive a strike. After receiving two strikes, that player will be eliminated from the competition. The last player standing wins the golden power of veto.

The first question is about the day they met OTEV, the jacked jellyfish. Big D received his first strike. Kyland received his first strike next. Kyland struck out in round three leaving Xavier, Azah, and Big D.

Azah received the next strike. She and Big D each have one strike, and Xavier has no strikes. Azah struck out in the next round leaving Xavier and Big D to fight it out. Xavier won the final round and the Power of Veto giving him all the power this week in the Big Brother 23 house.

Xavier announced that he did not want to talk veto with anyone today. He just wanted to chill. This sent Kyland into a tailspin because he saved Xavier’s game more than once, and he expected Xavier to treat him the same way. Xavier is just trying to play it cool with Kyland right now.

Azah has no issue with sending Kyland home so she thinks Xavier should take her off the block and send Big D in her place. Big D is very emotional and will have a hard time voting either Azah or Kyland out of the game. What will Xavier do and who will he trust to cast the sole vote in the live eviction?

Join us tomorrow evening, Thursday, September 23 at 8/7c to find out.

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