Big Brother 13 Episode 16: Live Eviction and Twist Results!

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Tonight on Big Brother 13 on CBS, everything went all kinds of crazy. This is the kind of wild and wacky fun we expect from Big Brother! The results of the live eviction are now in along with the results of the America’s Vote Twist challenge. So read on to find out who was evicted from the house this week and what happened with the twist!

If you have been following the Big Brother live feeds at all, it became pretty clear that Lawon was probably going to be the one getting evicted this week. The weirdest part being, of course, that he did it to himself willingly! He was pretty much sure that whoever got evicted would be able to return to the house and get some sort of special power or become Head of Household.

The rest of the houseguests were more than willing to take advantage of his insane decision to volunteer to go up on the block. Despite having her nemesis Rachel on the block, even Daniele couldn’t resist taking the bait and getting Head of Household Kalia to put Lawon up.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise that Lawon was voted out of the Big Brother 13 house tonight with a unanimous vote. Lawon was right about one thing though, he was immediately given a chance to get back into the house once again.

Unfortunately, he failed miserably to accomplish that task. Much to my dismay, America voted for Brendon to be the one to go up against this week’s eliminated houseguest for the chance to get back in the game. I was really hoping for Cassi. Barring that, I would have taken Dominic hands down. Heck, I even would have put up with Keith. Instead, we got Brendon. Oh joy.

Considering how absolutely terrible Lawon has been at every single competition or challenge, it wasn’t a shock that he got his ass handed to him by Brendon. And that’s all she wrote. Brendon is back in the house again and Brenchel is back together.

Now we have to cringe and endure more gross PDA and Brendon talking gushy yuck all about the ‘love of his life’. On the other hand, we can’t wait to see Daniele run around in a crazed panic over the next few days now that Brendon is back and come to get his revenge. Run Daniele, run!

As for the Head of Household competition, it was not shown tonight. We’ll bring you the spoilers about the competition and who won as soon as we find out from the live feeds.

The drama should be great, crazy fun on the Big Brother live feeds this week! So if you haven’t already, now is a great time to check out a three-day free trial of the feeds yourself and watch all the action live as it happens!


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