Big Brother 21 Live Feeds vs. Episode: Gr8ful’s Anti-Nicole Meeting

This has been a week of crazy Big Brother 21 moments, everything from Christie Murphy‘s pre-Veto meltdown to Kathryn Dunn tanning the Veto onto her stomach. With only three episodes a week, and so much happening in one day, the Big Brother producers can’t possibly capture it all. However, sometimes they don’t focus enough on the major moments of the Big Brother 21 week. One of those major moments from this week was the Gr8ful meeting that grew Nicole Anthony‘s target.

The meeting lasted for about thirty minutes and was a big mess of screaming, information spewing, and just a lot of covering tracks. The meeting started right after Nick Maccarone made his nominations. Nick tried to show his loyalty again to Gr8ful by not nominating any of them. He also tried to show Nicole some loyalty by not nominating or targeting her this week, but things changed.

The feeds returned about 6:33 BBT to show Tommy Bracco and Isabella Wang already in the middle of a conversation. They were in the bathroom while Sam Smith and Nick were in the HOH bedroom. Most likely Tommy was trying to give Nick and Bella information before it got back around to them, so they still trusted him. Tommy told Bella, Sam, and Nick that Nicole accused them of bullying her and trying to flip the vote last week to save Kemi Fakunle. Nick started to get angry that no one asked him about the vote flip. Analyse Talavera, Holly Allen, and Christie Murphy made their way into the room, and Nick immediately asks them why they didn’t tell him that they thought he was trying to flip the vote. Analyse tried to defend Nicole a little by saying those weren’t her exact words.

David Alexander then tried to come in the room, and Nick asked him not to come in right now. Jackson Michie also then arrived. Nick then asked Bella to tell the group how Nicole had come to them prior to nominations and said that they (Gr8ful) were accusing Bella and Nick of bullying her. She then claimed that Nicole said that the members of Gr8ful were rooting for her to win Head of Household to take a shot at Bella and Nick.

The Gr8ful members, especially Analyse and Christie started to get animated. They denied those claims and said that Nicole told them that Nick and Bella were trying to go after them. Holly added that Nicole was crying to her about being bullied by Nick and Bella, and she said that Nicole mentioned being really against bullying as an educator. Nick then asked Jackson if that’s why he was so worried during nominations, because he thought Nick was about to nominate him? He admitted that was the reason why. Cliff Hogg III then tried to enter the room and he was also not allowed to enter.

Nick then asked for Jack Matthews to be brought up. Sam got up and called for Jack. A few minutes later Nicole tried to enter the HOH room, but Jackson opened the door and told her that now wasn’t a good time. Right At that moment, Jack strolls by and Nicole can clearly see that something is going on. Gr8ful then told Jack what they’ve been discussing. They all agreed that Nicole has been trying to play both sides and the middle. They also agreed that Nicole plays innocent but she’s a master manipulator.

Gr8ful gets even more animated, hug each other, and random shouting. It’s the same energy as if a sports team just won a big game, or the fans of a sports team just watched their favorite team win. By the end of the meeting, they conclude that Nicole is a snake and they only distrust each other because of Nicole’s interference.

Anyone who follows or watches the feeds knows that Nicole was telling the truth about Nick and Bella not trusting Gr8ful, and Gr8ful not trusting Nick and Bella. There is also truth in Nicole trying to play the middle. However, it’s easier for Gr8ful to place the blame on Nicole than confess to their scheming against each other. During the meeting, Gr8ful also added Sam to their alliance to form Und9ables.

At one point, Ovi Kabir also tried to get in the room. He told them that it was mean to exclude people, then Christie started to talk about a conversation she had with Ovi where he basically “threatened her” for not talking game with him. Who was allowed and who was isolated from the Und9able meeting made it pretty obvious who was in the huge alliance and who wasn’t in it, at least to everyone by Kat, who strolled into the meeting after. They ended the meeting when she entered but not before Holly told them to tell her nothing.

On the episode, the Gr8ful meeting plus Sam was changed a lot. The episode started it with a Gr8ful meeting randomly starting and then Bella sharing what happened. The introduction to it was completely left off, but we got a scene that showed that Nicole told the truth and Holly, Analyse, and Christie did call them a bully. We then got some diaries from Bella where she admitted that she believed Gr8ful and not Nicole. We also saw a Jackson DR where he admitted that a lot of the stuff Nicole said was true but he was going to pretend to be angry and not say much.  We then saw a DR from Nicole where she admitted that she messed up by giving info because these people were going to talk. Then we had DR’s from Nick where he said this meeting restored Gr8ful’s trust and he would now target Nicole. Sam also had a joke DR where he talked about the new group and being Gr8ful to be in it.

We also saw Cliff, Nicole, and Ovi try to get in the room, and Ovi being the hero of the moment. We also got a DR with him where he talked about bullying and being against it, and seeing it in the house.

CBS’s version got the tone right but didn’t have enough time to really get to the meat of it. How did you like CBS’s version compared to the actual thing?

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