5 Best Moments From Big Brother 23 Episode 5

Big Brother 23’s fifth episode caused a big sigh of relief with  Brandon “Frenchie” French no longer in power. After Kyland Young won the Head of Household competition, the second Wildcard Competition played out with one member representing the Big Brother 23 teams the Kings, Aces, and Jokers fighting for safety. The winner was tasked with making a very difficult decision that could have greatly impacted the Big Brother 23 game.

Big Brother 23 Top 5 Kyland Young

Once the dust settled from the Wildcard Competition, Kyland nominated two houseguests for eviction. As expected, Frenchie faced repercussions for his behavior last week as Head of Household. As usual, let’s look at the top five moments from this week’s Big Brother 23 Sunday episode. 

#5 Travis Starts The Revolution Against Frenchie

Before leaving the Big Brother 23 house (and not knowing Ky was going to win the HOH comp), Travis Long pulled Kyland aside for a private conversation. He warned Ky that Frenchie could not be trusted. He then explained how Frenchie had promised him safety when they entered the house together only to renege on that promise and put him on the block. Travis wanted revenge, and who could blame him?

Travis Long and Kyland Young Talking Big Brother 23 game.

#4 Tiffany Set A Rogue Vote Trap

Frenchie asked Tiffany Mitchell to throw a rogue vote in the mix to Alyssa Lopez so he could blame Derek Xiao. Tiffany graciously agreed but with ulterior motives. She knew Frenchie couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the request, and when that word got around the Big Brother 23 house, she would know it was Frenchie that gave up the info. She plans to use that information to her benefit to help get him evicted this week.

Frenchie Talks With Tiffany About Votes Big Brother 23

#3 Frenchie’s Chaos Continues

Frenchie just couldn’t help himself from stirring the pot and causing drama inside the Big Brother 23 house. Out of nowhere, Frenchie approached Whitney Williams and told her he’s done. She said the same thing back to him in a daze of not knowing where this was coming from, and he told her to watch her back. Frenchie being Frenchie.

Big Brother 23 Frenchie and Brent Talking

Then Frenchie went to Brent Champagne ranting and raving that he was going to be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. Brent tried to calm him down and told him it was still early in the week, but Frenchie wasn’t hearing it. Brent suspected that Frenchie wanted him to throw the Wildcard Competition so Frenchie could win safety. Brent wanted no parts of that.

#2 Sarah Beth Wins Wildcard Competition

Tonight’s Wildcard Competition was called BB Flying Colors, and the houseguests had to answer questions about the paintings they were shown. Sarah Beth Steagall was the first to reach three points, and she won the second Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition. She was offered safety this week, but she had to switch teams to do so. Sarah Beth decided to stay on her team and forgo safety for the week.

Sarah Beth Steagall plays Wildcard Competition

#1 Kyland Catches A Big Fish With Frenchie

During the  Nomination Ceremony, Kyland nominated Frenchie and Britini D’Angelo for eviction from the Big Brother 23 house this week. Frenchie’s nomination wasn’t much of a surprise. Kyland also chose Britini as she is a member of the Jokers with Frenchie. Britini has made it very clear that she is a very loyal player, and Kyland saw that as a problem with Britini being loyal to Frenchie.

Week2 Block Nominations

It was another great Big Brother 2021 episode. with plenty of funny, surprising, and exciting moments. Make sure to come back on Wednesday and Thursday for another live Big Brother 23 recap and a countdown of the episode’s best moments. 

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