Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (07/19/21)

This Big Brother 23 week has been a lot more calm and collective than last week in the Big Brother 2021 house. Kyland Young has surprisingly done a great job as HOH so far. He’s nominated two Big Brother 2021 houseguests that put him in a good position in the house. Besides maybe the nominees and Derek Fraiser, who is trying to keep his meat shield in the game, everyone else, overall, is fine with Brandon “Frenchie” French and Britini D’Angelo being the nominees. 

Derek Xiao's Power of Veto

Unfortunately, Britini is guilty by association, so that’s why she ended up on the block this Big Brother 23 week. She was just too close to the bomb that is Frenchie, who is the main target. It would take a Big Brother miracle to see him manage to stay this week. However, in the game of Big Brother, miracles happen all the time, especially when a Power of Veto is involved.

Azah Awasum and others have discussed the possibility of this week’s Power of Veto holder Derek Xiao using the Veto to save Britini from the block, and then Brent Champagne going up in this place. This idea was brought to Derek X, but it doesn’t look like this plan will work out. Derek X and Kyland are trying to get out of this week without angering too many people. 

The most likely scenario for this week’s Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony is that Derek X will not use the Veto. Britini and Frenchie will be left on the block to fight for their Big Brother lives all week.

So what happened at this week’s Big Brother 23 Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out!



Derek X did not use the Veto. Frenchie and Britini remain on the block.

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