Big Brother 23 New House Design Revealed (Photos)

In more Big Brother news, we have now seen the Big Brother 23 house. It’s just as over-the-top that we’ve come to expect from the Big Brother production team. In several interviews, Big Brother executive producers Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner announced that this year’s house theme would be beach club-focused. 

Meehan and Grodner knew everyone has been locked away for a year, so wanted the house to feel like a vacation spot. They also mentioned that a casino theme would play out this year. Let’s check out the Big Brother 23 house below.

US Magazine  and ET released some exclusive photos of the Big Brother 23 house. The house design leans heavily into the BB Beach theme with images of sharks, an anchor, and much more beachy-type stuff. it also leans into the casino theme with betting chips and whatnot. It’s a very extreme house but extreme in the way we’ve come to expect from Big Brother US. Check out the Big Brother 23 house gallery below.

Click the images to get a closer look at the  Big Brother 23 house. 

Do you like the Big Brother 23 house design?

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