5 Best Moments From Big Brother 23 Episode 6

Big Brother 23’s sixth episode centers around the block nomination fallout and the Power of Veto (POV) competition. Kyland Young won this week’s Head of Household (HOH) competition and asked all of the houseguests for their input for block nominees. The Big Brother house was in agreement to target Brandon “Frenchie” French after his chaotic HOH week except for one houseguest, Britini D’Angelo.

Big Brother 23 POV Week 2 Competition

Britini’s loyalty to her Joker’s teammate put her on the block with Frenchie at the end of the day. The only way Britini or Frenchie can save their game is with the POV. Let’s check out the top 5 moments from episode 6, and let’s find out who won the coveted golden power of veto in the Big Brother 23 house.

Moment #5 Britini’s Loyalty Puts Her On The Block

Confused as to why she was nominated to the block this week, Britini asked HOH Kyland to explain. Kyland revealed that she was the only Big Brother 23 houseguest that didn’t suggest Frenchie as a block nominee this week. He was concerned that her loyalty to Frenchie would be used to take Frenchie off the block should she win the POV. He wasn’t willing to take that chance.

Britini Azah Embrace Big Brother 23

Moment #4 Frenchie Blows Up His Own Alliance

Once Britini shared the info with Frenchie as to why she was on the block, Frenchie knew his fellow allies in the Slaughterhouse alliance were now against him. In retaliation, Frenchie approached each member of the Big Brother 23 house and let them know about the Slaughterhouse alliance and gave select names of the members (Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, Brent Champagne, Whitney Williams, and himself). Frenchie did not mention Derek Frazier or Xavier Pranther as he hoped to continue working with them.

Big Brother 23 Frenchie Talking to Derek X and Azah

Moment #3 Power Of Veto Players Selected

As always, the HOH and the 2 block nominees play in the POV competition meaning Kyland, Britini, and Frenchie are automatically chosen to play. Each of those 3 randomly draws a Big Brother 23 houseguest to also compete in the POV. Those chosen 3 were Derek Xiao, Claire Rehfuss, and Alyssa. This was a bad draw for Frenchie as none of those houseguests are on his team, the Jokersnwho could possibly do him a favor.

Big Brother 23 POV Comp Players Picked

Moment #2 Derek X. Wins Second Power Of Veto

This week’s POV competition sent the Big Brother 23 houseguests to the beach to fill up their containers with suntan lotion from oversized suntan bottles. The houseguest to fill their container in the shortest time won the POV competition.

Big Brother 23 POV Results

For the second week in a row, Derek X. won the Power of Veto competition. Kyland finished just 13 seconds behind Derek X., and Frenchie was behind Kyland in third place. Britini, Claire, and Alyssa finished in the bottom 3 respectively.

Moment #1 The Power Of Veto Was Not Used

Frenchie made one final plea to Derek X. and Kyland to take Britini off the block and replace her with another male in the Big Brother 23 house. He felt he had a better chance of staying if he could talk them into replacing Britini. In the end, Derek X. chose not to use the POV, and either Britini or Frenchie will be the second houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house.

Hope you enjoyed this recap of the top 5 moments from Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 23. Join us Thursday, July 22 at 8/7c for the live eviction vote and another top 5 Big Brother 23 moments.

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