Who Won The Power Of Veto Tonight? (9/18/19)

The most important competition of the Big Brother 21 season will play out tonight with the final Power of Veto (POV) competition. The winner of this competition will hold the one and only vote in the live eviction tomorrow night. Nicole Anthony won the last Head of Household (HOH) by default when Holly Allen threw her the competition, which she later regretted. Nicole is already guaranteed a spot in the final three with the HOH victory. There are only three other houseguests left vying for the golden veto.

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Big Brother 21

The POV winner tonight will decide the final three houseguests fighting for a spot into the final two. Although Holly and Jackson Michie are on the block, this is inconsequential as the rules playout for the final veto. Nicole and Cliff Hogg III will be fighting hard for the POV win to break up the final showmance. Michie and Holly will be doing the same but to break up Cliff and Nicole. Who will win the final veto?

In addition to Holly agreeing to throw the HOH and POV competitions, Michie secretly agreed to evict Holly and take Cliff and Nicole to the final three. Will he honor that agreement if he wins the POV competition? Or will Michie stick with his ride-or-die Holly and take her to the final three screwing over Cliff and the deal that was made?

Prior to the POV competition, Cliff and Nicole approached Holly and asked her that if she went for the win in the POV comp and won, would she take Cliff to the final three? Holly couldn’t believe her ears that they would ask her to do this to ensure Cliff’s safety and screw Michie over in the process. However, she did agree to throw the upcoming POV competition, but Holly doesn’t seem keen on keeping that agreement.

Big Brother 21
Holly’s dumbfounded look when Cliff and Nicole approach her with final three talk.

Next, Cliff went to Michie to go over the deal they have together at this point in the game. Cliff told Michie that he has a final two deal with Nicole and will take her over Michie…WHAT??? We are watching Cliff blow his game right in front of our eyes. Not only did he tell Michie that he wasn’t taking him to the final two, but Cliff told him that he expected Michie to take Cliff to the final two. Cliff has really lost his mind. This maneuver just might cost him the game and $500,000.

Week Twelve Luxury Competition

In this luxury competition, things have been changed in the Big Brother 21 house.  The houseguests will all be given time to inspect the house for changes. When they believe they have spotted the correct number of changes, they will buzz in with their answer. The first player to correctly answer the number of changes win $10,000. If no one guesses the correct number, the houseguest to guess the closest in the fastest time will win.

In the end, Michie managed to win another Big Brother competition and won $10,000.

Week Twelve Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Win and You’re In. In this competition, houseguests start off by reading a statement that pertains to certain members of the cast. Then, they must use an over-sized slingshot to launch balls at the giant game board. The goal is to knock down the faces of those NOT apply to the statement that was revealed. Once only the correct faces of the houseguests are left standing, they must hit their buzzer. If correct, the houseguest moves on to the next statement. If incorrect, they must begin that round over. The houseguest to answer three statements in the fastest times win the final POV.

Big Brother 21

Nicole went first and seemed to do rather well. Cliff, on the other hand, had to keep resetting his board because he was knocking down the wrong faces on the board. Holly had some issues hitting her targets along the way. Michie was up last and did have some issues along the way. Although Michie was very fast, he had a bunch of miscues where he had to start over. This one is up in the air as to the winner.

When all was said and done, Cliff finished last with a time of 38 minutes. Next, in third place was Holly. Only Michie and Nicole left. In the end, Michie won the competition with a time of 11 minutes while Nicole finished in 14 minutes. Michie won the golden power of veto and a spot in the final three.

Cliff still thinks Michie is taking him to the final two, and Holly will be going home this week. Cliff is really in for a rude awakening. Unless he can magically convince Michie to dump on Holly, our final three in Big Brother 21 will be Nicole, Michie, and Holly.

Big Brother 21

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