Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 63 Highlights: The Clueless Leading the Helpless

Currently, this Big Brother 19 week is set for another blindside. Last week, Paul Abrahamian succeeded in ensuring that Matt Clines and Raven Walton were clueless the entire week about the real house agenda. They falsely blamed Jason Dent for Matt’s Big Brother 19 eviction. Jason played a part in it, but it was all a plan devised by Paul. Alex Ow and Jason joked about how dumb Raven and Matt were for not seeing the true plan. Well, pot meet kettle.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

The majority of the Big Brother day was spent discussing how to execute the evict Jason or Alex plan to not arouse suspicion until the Power of Veto ceremony. Christmas Abbott, Paul, and Josh Martinez developed a semi-complicated, and unbelievable, plan where they would pretend to be clueless, along with Paul pretending to fear that he was this week’s target. Yeah, we’re in for one of those weeks.

Team Anti-Kevin

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Kevin Schlehuber

Alex is still very much set on getting Kevin Schlehuber out this week. Prior to nominations, she advocated for a Kevin nomination with her on the block next to him as a pawn. Even after Jason and her went up as nominees, Alex still believes that Kevin is the target.

Kevin did himself no favors this week by trying to remain loyal to Jason. Once Jason went up as a nominee, he told him that the plan was to get out either Alex or Jason this week. Jason then immediately ran and told this to both Josh and Paul. He later also told Christmas.

Now the houseguests want Kevin out more than ever. If Jason wins the veto, we fully expect for Paul to push for a Kevin eviction over an Alex one. This may be why Jason exposed what Kevin told him, he may just really believe he’s not the target (which doesn’t seem possible), or trying to shift the target on Kevin. Christmas and Josh did have a conversation where they expressed a desire to keep Kevin around longer, but wanted Paul to get him back loyal to him. The damage may already be done with Kevin showing too much free will.

At midnight, Kevin finally was free of being a Have-Not. Unlike normal weeks, the houseguests didn’t wait for him to cook and eat their dinner. Everyone also refused to cook for him (upon Alex’s request). Kevin almost ate before midnight, which production immediately called out. They wouldn’t let him eat until exactly midnight.

Halfway There

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Jason Dent

Jason knew to be suspicious about the nominations. He told Josh in the storage room that he believed Alex, Christmas, and Paul were all working to get him out. Paul kept saying he thought he was the backdoor plan for Christmas. Jason didn’t buy it one bit.

Despite his suspicions, and Kevin’s warning, Jason told Christmas what Kevin told him. Meanwhile, Alex was just as clueless as ever. She fully thought that the plan was to get out Kevin and that they would be safe this week.

At one point, Jason mentioned that if he won the Power of Veto, he would remove Alex from the block instead of himself. Paul encouraged that decision.

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