Big Brother 20 Cast Impressions Part 1

Yesterday, we met the entire Big Brother 20 cast. As we begin to once again fully immerse ourselves into the Big Brother world, lets take a closer look at the cast. We will split our  evaluation into two parts.

Big Brother 20 Cast-First Impressions

The first part focuses on eight of the new Big Brother 20 houseguests, and tomorrow we will explore the remaining eight.

Big Brother 20 introduces us  another interesting bunch of newbies to discuss. As always, we’ll break down the new cast with  first reactions based on what we’ve seen so far, via video and bios.

Here’s our Big Brother 20 cast assessment part 1.

Scottie Salton

Scottie appears to be the typical nerd type that we see every year. While he looks like Andy Herren, he’s more like Ian Terry. But I found him to be quirkier and perhaps a little more fun? I found his self deprecation to be somewhat amusing.

He actually reminded me more of Scott Dennis  from Big Brother Over the Top, who he has a remarkably similar name to. I am not writing him off, but being the biggest superfan in a less superfan-heavy cast, does not bode great for his chances.

Still, I think if Scottie learned anything from watching the show, it is that he’ll need to lay low in the beginning to get through those first few weeks, which is when Ian and Steve Moses had the most trouble adapting.

Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh is very young, but  seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I think chances are good that she’ll wind up in a showmance, which usually bodes better for the females than it does for the males.

It’s hard for me to gauge how deep Haleigh can really go, but chances are pretty slim that she’ll be out before the jury, unless she gets involved in some drama, which I wouldn’t expect based on her cheerful personality. I see Haleigh falling somewhere in the middle of the road in this cast, and not making a huge impact.

Faysal Shafaat

For me, it was difficult to get a read on Faysal. He was somewhat guarded and not all that interesting, but he does seem to have a good idea of how the game works, and the skills that it takes to go deep.

But I just am not entirely confident that Faysal fits in that well with the others. While he seems easy going, I could see him coming off as threatening and not as engaging as some of the others. He could surprise us though, and I’m prepared to be surprised.

Rachel Swindler

I got Jessica Graff vibes from her; her look and her vibe was somewhat similar. I think the fact that Rachel is friends with Jackie is a plus, as she’s surely prepared her in some way. I’m curious to see if it’s something she’s comfortable sharing with her fellow houseguests.

If Rachel is smart, she would keep that to herself. She has the knowledge for sure, but I’m not as confident about her, after some of her answers to Ross Mathew’s questions, like being so enthusiastic about a showmance.

I really could see her and Winston Hines getting together, and it probably doesn’t end well game-wise for either of them. If that happens, but we’ll see, sometimes couples can go deep and Rachel seems to be the savvier player of the two.

Tyler Crispen

Tyler is our Braden Bacha or Jace Agolli type that usually goes out very early, but he swears that he’s not that. I’m not sure that I believe Tyler, but having the knowledge to at least point that out himself says something.

It really depends on how well Tyler fits in early, and I think if he falls into an alliance where he’s seen as a reliable ally, then he could go pretty far. I’m not sure he has what it takes to win.  But we may be seeing him for a bit this summer, if he’s not too off-putting.

Angela Rummans

I really liked what I got from Angela. She seems like a well-adjusted person who can complete well, and be personable enough to stand strong social in the house as well. Angela realizes where her potential weaknesses are, and if she can downplay her abilities and throw competitions like she mentions, I think she could be in a really good spot in this game.

Maybe her biggest downside is that there’s no obvious downside. I would have a hard time seeing her go out early because she has an agreeable personality in a sea of disagreeable ones. She can be a voice of reason, and calm in that house and pull the rug out from under everyone, when she’s more than meets the eye, much like Big Brother Over the Top’s Shelby Stockton was able to pull off for a while.

Steve Arienta

Obviously Steve is supposed to be similar to Derrick Levasseur, but he could wind up more like Glenn Garcia. He’s somewhere between the two. I think the age difference will be a factor, as it always is, even if it’s not much.

I do not think he’ll be able to truly convince people that he’s not a cop. or something similar. If any of these people have seen Big Brother 16, he’s in trouble.

The big personalities self-destruct early on, that’s his best shot to sneak into a few alliances, and make it far in this game. But if not, he could be in a lot of trouble early on.

Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh was also somewhat difficult to gauge for me. She’s a flight attendant, which is a great career in terms of dealing with people, and having been in pageants is also a good skill as well. My biggest question is if Bayleigh get along with the other girls, even though she mentioned that her biggest issue might be with the guys in the house.

I think she is likable enough to make it pretty far but it’s hard to see her pulling off a win for me at this point. I wouldn’t rule it out, if she can get her feet under her,and work her way into a strong alliance. But she needs to fit in perfectly with the cast and it’s hard to read the overall vibe.

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