Big Brother 19-8/6/2017-Recap: A Haunted House Hurts Elena’s Game

Josh Martinez made a huge Big Brother 19 move on this week’s Sunday night episode. He tried to start a plan to blindside a former ally, but Paul Abrahamian isn’t about to let Josh get his way without a fight. Meanwhile, Christmas Abbott undermines Paul every chance she gets. She’s not about to let Paul get his way this Big Brother 19 week.

Big Brother Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez

The episode turned into Christmas versus Paul as both tried to push their agenda on Josh. Fortunately for Christmas, her agenda aligns with Josh’s goals. They think Paul is too blind to see the deceptive way of one of his closest allies. Josh and Christmas, pot meet kettle.

Josh starts the week off by having a discussion with his allies and celebrating his win. Alex Ow bursts into the room to mention how Mark Jansen and Elena Davies aren’t happy about his win. Oops, Mark happens to be sitting in the room. Alex tries to backtrack, which leads to a long discussion between the two.

Mark tells the Diary Room that everything Alex is accusing him of is true. Elena Davies immediately starts to worry that she might be the target. She asks Josh about the potential of her going up on the Big Brother 19 block this week.

Christmas, Paul, and Josh are quick to start the discussion about this week’s nominees. Paul advocates a Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf nomination. Josh agrees. However, once Paul leaves the room, Christmas tells him to not listen to everything Paul says.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

This week’s Den of Temptation Competition turns the Big Brother 19 house into a haunted house. All the Big Brother 19 players play in it, minus Christmas and Josh. The houseguests must go throughout the house searching for clues. The clues shows them what item they need to find and put into a box. The player with the fastest time wins this week’s immunity.

One by one houseguests enter their haunted house for the competition. The best reactions come from Mark, Elena, Paul, Jessica, and Cody with his non-reaction. After everyone finishes, they gather around the sofa to read the results.

Jessica places last with a time of 15 minutes. She will be the third nominee for this Big Brother 19 week. The top three finishers are Cody, Kevin, and Alex. Kevin comes in third place with 3:11, Alex gets second with 3:06, and first place goes to Cody with 3:00. Jessica coming in last place and Cody coming in first place falls right into the couple’s plans for the week. The second part is Jessica winning the POV.

With Jessica and Cody out of the running as nominees, Josh must rethink his strategy. Of course, Josh’s real goal is Elena but he must nominate her without creating suspicion.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez Temptation Competition Results

Paul warns Elena that she might be going on the block. He also lies and says that he volunteered to go up, but Josh didn’t want it. Elena then goes to talk to Josh. He tells her that he’s nominating Mark and her because they’re strong competitors. Elena doesn’t quite believe his claim.

The two go back and forth for a bit. Finally, at the nomination ceremony, Josh nominates Mark and Elena as ‘pawns.’ He takes the opportunity to address Cody and Jessica. This angers them both.

Josh ends the episode by telling the DR that attacking Jessica and Cody was part of his plan to blindside Elena. He needs the house to believe that he still wants Jessica out the Big Brother 19 game.

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