Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 5 Highlights: The Houseguests Celebrate the 4th of July

As you celebrated July 4th, you may have missed many of the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds happenings. We had more or less of the same with the Big Brother 19 houseguests scrambling to secure those final votes. We also saw people who have tried to play the middle show more of their cards.

Big Brother 19 Cast

Yesterday, the main events surrounded the Big Brother 19 houseguests preparing for the 4th of July party. Everyone wore red, white, and blue ensembles that showed off their American pride. They also shared stories of previous 4th of July celebrations.

Houseguests Celebrate the Fourth

Big Brother 19 Cast

The houseguests grabbed their own fourth of July gear, and CBS also provided them with some clothing so that everyone looked and played the part. Later in the night, the feeds went down for a few hours as the Big Brother 19 houseguests celebrated with food, drinks, and fun

Kevin Chips a Tooth

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent

The Big Brother 19 curse continues as Kevin chips a tooth, which will result in him also leaving the house today. As we already know, Christmas Abbott hurt her foot. Today she must have an MRI taken to determine the fate of her Big Brother game.

At the same time, Kevin will also go to the hospital. However, his game fate is fine, because he has opted to just have his entire tooth removed.

The Writing in the Sky

Big Brother 19 Ramses Soto and Jillian Parker

Alex Ow, Jillian Parker, and Ramses Soto claimed to have seen sky writing that said Dominique Cooper and Mark Jansen were in an alliance. These two are in an alliance, but we’re not sure if there was actual sky writing that said this information.

There is a good chance that these three made it up to move a target on Dominique and Mark. It seems to have worked (at least a little) because a lot more players than normal were talking about targeting Dominique.

However, the sky writing was only one reason for this new anti-Dominique sentiment. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are over Dominique (and their whole former alliance) because they won’t vote with them. Alex and Jason Dent also just don’t seem to trust or like her.

The Middle Votes

Big Brother 19 Cast

Once again, Paul Abrahamian and Christmas worked vigorously to get Jason’s vote, but he keeps telling Alex that he won’t do it. He’s determined to vote with Cody’s side and keep Jillian.

Alex also seems to share this determination. Meanwhile, Ramses told Paul that he would vote with his side. Josh Martinez did as well. He declared his devotion to Paul and Christmas’ side, but we will have to wait and see if Josh waivers. It doesn’t seem like the best move for him to join a side that openly discusses their dislike for him.

The surprise reveal from yesterday’s live feeds was that Kevin Schlehuber is actually more with Cody’s (via Jason) side than Paul’s side. He wants to vote out Christmas this week. This comes as a shock to feed watchers because Paul and Kevin are so close, and even share a major secret with Paul knowing that Kevin took the $25,000.

Kevin betraying Paul shows that he is more of a gamer than anyone realized.

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