Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 2 Head of Household Results!

7-3-2013 07-01-07 PMAs is often the case, the CBS Big Brother 15 show ended tonight before showing who won the Head of Household Competition. Thankfully, that’s what the Big Brother Live Feeds are for! The challenge continued on the Live Feeds after the CBS show went off air and we have the final results of who won Head of Household on Big Brother 15 for week two.

Before the CBS Big Brother show closed, we saw the remaining HouseGuests split into teams of two to compete for the next Head of Household. David was eliminated and McCrae, as the last HoH, could not compete. The rest of the Big Brother 15 cast members were randomly paired up in the following teams: Spencer and Helen, Candice and GinaMarie, Andy and Elissa, Amanda and Kaitlin, Judd and Nick, Jeremy and Aaryn, and Jessie and Howard. Whichever team wins will decide which of them will get Head of Household.

The teams were tasked with filling up a jug with BBQ sauce. They could either choose the largest jug to fill directly to win Head of Household, or a smaller jug to fill to win a scoop to fill the largest jug faster. Naturally, there was also a lot of running back and forth to fill the jugs while making a mess, because that’s what Big Brother Head of Household competitions are all about. After the CBS show ended, the competition continued on the Big Brother Live Feeds and we’ll bring you the results of the challenge from there.

WARNING: This post contains major Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds about competition results that have not yet aired on the CBS Big Brother show. If you do not want to know these results, then please stop reading now!


When the Live Feeds come up, Nick and Judd are zooming ahead and have filled their small jug in order to gain the scoop to fill the large jug faster. This turns out to have been a very wise choice as they are now working on filling the big jug and will be very hard to beat.

Howard takes a fall but seems okay. Andy and Elissa are almost half way. So are Kaitlin and Amanda. Jeremy and Aaryn aren’t doing too badly either.

Judd and Nick are falling behind as Jeremy and Aaryn catch up. Andy and Elissa are almost done as well. Andy says he can almost get the ball floating in the BBQ sauce in the jug.

Alas, Jeremy manages to slam in the last of the sauce before Andy can and takes home the win with Aaryn. We expect he will give the Head of Household to Aaryn, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out from the Live Feeds. Or you can check out a three-day free trial and try out the Big Brother Live Feeds yourself to watch all the scheming, plotting and backstabbing about to start again for another week!

After a break in the Live Feeds while Aaryn and Jeremy apparently made their decision about who would be HoH, we are back and it does indeed look like Aaryn will be the second Head of Household for Big Brother 15.

Aaryn apparently got to pick the Have-Nots for the week and she chose Andy, Candice, Elissa and Helen. No surprise there as those are her four least favorite people in the house.


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