Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas on The Bold & The Beautiful! [VIDEO]

We now have visual and audio proof that former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly should never, ever audition for American Idol. In her recent guest appearance on The Bold and The Beautiful, Rachel takes the mic for a bit of karaoke and reminds us why we flee from karaoke nights like we’re on fire.

Big Brother cast on Bold and the beautiful

In this scene from what we’re calling the Big Brother alumni episode of The Bold and The Beautiful, Rachel Reilly is joined by husband Brendon Villegas as a bartender and Big Brother 15 cast member Howard Overby as a karaoke DJ. You can also catch former Jeff Schroeder holding a beer in the audience. Rachel gets all the spotlight though and most of the speaking lines. Brendon only gets to yell “encore, encore” and Howard doesn’t get to talk at all in this clip. Neither does Jeff.

We would say the acting is just terrible all around but this is a soap opera after all. It’s not like the acting on The Bold and the Beautiful is all that believable in the first place. We to have to ask what the producers were thinking by featuring a couple of stereotypical Asian businessmen in ties stereotypically cheering in a karaoke bar considering the racism controversy on this season of Big Brother.

Or maybe that’s just us being insensitive to Asian karaoke lovers who want their adoration of badly sung music to be featured in the spotlight more as a representative of their passions. All we kept thinking while we were watching though was Big Brother 15 HouseGuest Aaryn Gries mockingly saying that Helen Kim should go “make some rice.”

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