Big Brother 15: Are Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson Engaged?

While cruising through one of our favorite Big Brother fan groups on Facebook last night, we came across a post claiming that Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson are now engaged. We immediately dismissed such a crazy notion until we remembered that Amanda was looking a little more, well, curvy at the Big Brother 15 finale. Could America’s least favorite player have possibly gotten knocked up on the show and now there’s a shotgun wedding in the works? She and her showmance boyfriend McCrae certainly did apparently get it on in nearly every room in the house.

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Well, Amanda Zuckerman may have looked a little fluffy around the middle during her backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder but we don’t think she’s pregnant. We see pretty much everything on the Big Brother Live Feeds during the season and we are pretty sure we remember her going through ‘that time of the month’ fairly recently. Unless, of course, she was aware the cameras were watching and just gave some BS to cover up the fact that she might be preggers. That would be stretching things a bit far though, we think.

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman and Jeff Schroeder

So if Amanda isn’t pregnant, we’re highly doubting there is any kind of engagement going on. McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman may have gotten fake married inside the Big Brother 15 house but we aren’t seeing real wedding bells in their future any time soon. We do know from McCrae’s Facebook page and statements that Amanda has made that she will be visiting him in Minnesota shortly. Let’s let them actually spend some time together outside the house before we start talking about them getting hitched in real life.

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