This week we actually think we might have reliable Survivor spoilers on who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight! This season it has been like pulling teeth to find out who got voted off Survivor 27 in what order and who got the boot each week. For us, having spoilers on what’s going to happen is part of the fun, but CBS has kept things under a tight wrap for Survivor 2013. However, we are feeling good about some info we found about this week’s Survivor results.

Survivor 2013 Episode 12 - Source: CBS

Survivor 2013 Episode 12 – Source: CBS

Of course, we have to take any kind of Survivor spoilers with a huge truckload of salt this season. Our usual sources have been very quiet and a lot of the so-called leaks out there have proven to be false. So, when we say we feel good about the info we have on who was eliminated and who got voted off Survivor 2013 this week, we still wouldn’t bet a ten-spot in Vegas on these spoilers.

According to what we have been able to dig up, it looks like the person who went home on Survivor 27 in week 12 appears to be Caleb. If this does indeed turn out to be true, it wouldn’t be a big surprise. We have a lot of talk out there that Laura M. will stick around a while longer. Our Survivor spoilers could be wrong and it might end up being Tina who goes home instead, but we’re feeling relatively positive in the info that Caleb will be eliminated next. If we’re wrong, you can beat us about the head later.

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As for the person who got voted off Survivor 2013 this week and will head to Redemption Island? We are feeling very confident that it will be either Ciera or Katie. This is the week, according to the spoilers and the promos for episode 12, that the Tribal vote tonight will come down to the infamous tie-breaker “rock” choice we’ve been waiting for all season.

In that case, from what we’ve seen, we think it has to be Ciera or Katie who ends up getting screwed according to all the pre-season spoilers about this particular moment in the season. We are pretty sure from the latest Survivor Blood vs Water spoilers that have been coming out that it will probably be Katie who was voted off at the Tribal Council but we’ll have to wait and see if those spoilers turn out to be accurate or not.

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