Big Brother 17: Power of Veto and Final Nominations 9/2/2015

On Big Brother tonight, we’ll find out who won the Power of Veto Competition and what that means for the final eviction nominations in week 10. We only have three weeks to go in Big Brother 2015 and NOW is the time to start making those risky, bold moves to make it to the end.

Big Brother Power of Veto 5

Right now there are three spokes of the Big Brother wheel going around, and current Head of Household Vanessa is pretty much at the center of all of them. We have James and Meg, all that remains of the Goblins, we have Steve and John, who are basically being lapdogs right now, and we have Austin, Liz, and Julia.

All three of these groups are working with and being manipulated by Vanessa. She is basting every side of the turkey to make sure she is the one who gets through to the final four. Once again this week, she’s done a masterful job of getting what she wants. If she hadn’t won the Head of Household, it might be a whole different story (if the other HGs were smart), but she did. Now she just has to wait and see what happens at the Power of Veto Competition to make her next move.

In the Power of Veto for week 10, the Houseguests tear house apart looking for the hidden prize. James and Meg know that this is pretty much the most important competition for them all season. No one else in the house is going to save either of them from the block. If you can wait to find out who won the Power of Veto, or who the final eviction nominees are this week, you can take a peek at the Big Brother spoilers.

Check out the preview for Wednesday night’s episode below.

Tune in to watch the Big Brother 17 cast wreck the house searching for the Power of Veto at 8PM ET/PT.

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