Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Power of Veto Ceremony – Week 10

Right now we are shaking our heads in disbelief at Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds about the Power of Veto Ceremony on Monday. What a magnificent chance this would have been to radically change the whole power structure in the house!


But no, instead the person with all the power this week is making a game move that not only doesn’t help them, but may in fact end up costing them the whole game. Sometimes, we just don’t get what these Houselights are thinking.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

As the Power of Veto winner this week, we expect James to use it to save himself from the block at Monday’s Veto Ceremony. Even though he’s been saying on and off that he should use it to save Meg (which is just insane), we don’t think that will actually happen. Especially since Meg has told him not to do it, repeatedly.

After James won the Veto, the Austwins wanted to go for Johnny Mac as the target again. Vanessa, however, wants to keep John around so he can be a number for her when she finally goes after the Austwins. But wait, Vanessa is the Head of Household and gets to put up the Replacement Nominee. Plus, she has Johnny Mac and Steve in her pocket right now, and she could likely easily get James and in on a plan to oust one of the Austwins if it will save Meg.

Soooo… Why not go after both the showmance and the sisters right now by putting up Liz? And then secretly working with Steve, John, and James to make sure she gets booted? It makes perfect sense!

But no, Vanessa would rather keep attempting to bribe the Austwins with money to further her game later on (not kidding, although CBS finally told her to STOP THAT) than use good strategy to make sure they don’t beat her.

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Vanessa is terrified of getting Austwins blood on her own hands, obviously, and likely thinks (perhpas not unwisely) that she could lose three Jury votes at once if Liz were to get evicted while she is HoH. But she could work it out so it looks like it was all the fault of James, Steve and John (and maybe even Austin) if she really tried! And even if all three of the Austwins punished her in Jury if she ended up in the final two, likely everyone else would be happy and impressed if she bounced out all three of them someone on her way to the finale.

Not to mention, it would be an epic game move that would give Vanessa a possible win as a ‘smart villain’, which would be great for her real world image. Since she’s said repeatedly she doesn’t need the money and she’s basically in this for her image, wouldn’t that be a smart move?

Unfortunately, Vanessa just isn’t going to go there and put up the best possible choice of Liz (to break up both the twins and the Austin showmance). Instead, she is going to put up one of her supposed closest allies Julia (so she doesn’t lose one of her side buddies of John or Steve). Of course, that’s not the reason she is telling the Austwins. No, she has told them she doesn’t trust them enough not to vote out John instead of Meg.

If the Austwins don’t do everything in their power to get out Vanessa next week after she put one of them up on the block instead of John because she doesn’t ‘trust them’, that will be an insanely idiotic decision.

So Meg will stay on the block and Julia will go up next to her. Steve and John will probably vote with the Austwins to oust Meg, and she’ll be gone on Thursday night. However, we’re still holding out hope for some kind of crazy revolution that will get Julia out instead. Regardless, ff the Austwins are smart, they will immediately do everything in their power to get Vanessa out right after. If John, Steve and James are smart, they will do everything in their power to go after Austin or Liz to break up the showmance. And then work with everyone left to get out Vanessa.

* OFFICIAL RESULTS: The Power of Veto Ceremony is over and all went as we expected. James saved himself and Vanessa put Julia on the block.

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