Big Brother 25 Episode 11 Recap: The Pressure Is Cooking

Last week on Big Brother 25, we watched our first blindside of the season. HOH Felicia Cannon set her sights on Hisam Goueli after his totalitarian approach during his HOH week. She originally nominated Cameron Hardin and Jag Bains to the block for eviction as pawns, but Hisam was always in her sights.


When Hisam was not successful in flipping the vote, the Big Brother 25 house voted him out unanimously. Tonight, a BB classic competition is back for the next Head of Household competition, called the Pressure Cooker. Join us tonight for the HOH competition and the block nominations.

Week Four Head of Household Competition

The Pressure Cooker competition is back after a 14-year hiatus. This is an iconic Big Brother comp. The game is simple. The last person to let go of their button will win the HOH competition and the crown for the week.

There are a few twists. The first twist is that the houseguests must compete in the dark. Yep, that’s right. The Pressure Cooker is in total darkness this time around. Also, as each houseguest falls out of the Big Brother competition, they will be gifted a prize that may be good, and the prize may not be so good.

This iconic competition is underway with Felicia safely seated inside the house, watching via live feed. She has no sound but can watch as they stand in the dark for hours. Even after they release their button, they must still hang out in the Pressure Cooker until the competition ends.

After one hour and 17 minutes, Jared Fields got spooked and accidentally let go of my button. His prize card lifted a lid covering a pit of snakes in the middle of the room. This makes the Big Brother Pressure Cooker even harder and more scary.

In addition, 5 minutes later, Cirie Fields accidentally let go of her button while adjusting her shirt. She won a 6-pack to drink while waiting for the competition to end.

At the four-hour mark, Izzy Gleicher lets go of her button and is out of the running. Her prize is that she gets to leave the Pressure Cooker, and those before her can leave as well. The Pressure Cooker gets to listen to heavy metal while the lights flash around them. To make it even worse, the same song is played repeatedly.


Bowie Jane slipped at the eight-hour-plus mark and was eliminated from the competition. Bowie won an actual pressure cooker, lol. At nine hours and 40 minutes, Matt Klotz purposely let go. His gift was the release of flies into the Big Brother Pressure Cooker.

At the 10-hour 8-minute mark, Red Utley accidentally let go of his button. He won a home theater, and another three houseguests were allowed to leave the room that had been eliminated from the competition.

Six houseguests are remaining. Cory Wurtenberger is the next to fall. His prize will be a have-not this week, and he will eat PB&J instead of slop. Blue Kim slipped up next and was eliminated. She won $1,000.

At the 12-hour-plus mark, Jag fell asleep and let go of his button. His prize was the release of sewer gas into the Pressure Cooker. Next to fall is Mecole Hayes, and she won a Big Brother dinner party for herself and three friends.

Cameron and America Lopez are the only two left in the Pressure Cooker. Cameron makes his chase to America as to why she should let him win HOH. He has promised her safety and Cory. At 13 hours and 49 minutes, America let go of her button.

The Pressure Cooker challenge in 2023 lasted just four minutes less than in 2009. Wow! Cameron is the new HOH for the week.


Big Brother 25 Week Four Block Nominations

Cameron is part of a fake alliance called Legend 25. This was created to make Cameron, Red, and Matt feel safe. The Bye, Bye, Bitches created it out of necessity.

Cameron is not hiding his targets this week and has been completely upfront with his targets. He told Blue and Jag they would go up on the block and could fight it out. Cameron is aware that Izzy was unhappy with his win, and he now has her on his radar.

Cameron was true to his word at the nomination ceremony and nominated Blue and Jag to the block this week for possible eviction in the Big Brother 25 house.


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