Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Friday Live Feeds Report – 8/8/2014

We have so much Big Brother spoilers drama from the Live Feeds on Friday, we’re not even sure how to sum it all up without our fingers falling off from typing! Frankie is now everyone’s biggest target in the house, even after — and partially because — he revealed his famous sister and his YouTube money-making empire. The results of the Battle of the Block were totally unexpected and left the Big Brother 2014 cast in even more chaos. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategycompetition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

When we last left our intrepid Houseguests in our previous Big Brother Live Feeds report, the new Heads of Household had been crowned and everyone was trying to figure out who lied to whom about the whole Zach not getting evicted thing. Tension, paranoia, and accusations were flying all around… and it just go worse from there.

8:40 AM – Caleb and Donny talk in the kitchen. Caleb tells Donny the target this week will be either Frankie or Christine. Donny says that is fine as long as it isn’t him. Caleb says he is just going to sit down in the Battle of the Block and tell Frankie he can do it by himself. Caleb tells Donny he won’t go up but it doesn’t matter because he is going to throw the comp. He has been thinking about how he can do it in a way that will be entertaining to the viewers.

9:00 AM – Christine talks to Nicole in the HoH room. She says she is worried about Frankie and doesn’t trust him. She says that she is still acting like everything is okay with him. Christine says Zach is going to kill her when she puts him up on the block. And Donny is going to hate him. Christine says Frankie or someone else is telling people that he and her have a final 2 deal. Nicole says she is just so sick of the lies and he said/she said crap. Christine says Frankie is a dirty liar. Nicole says she thinks she is going to be sick.

9:18 AM – Nicole tells Caleb she owes him so much for throwing the Battle of the Block.

9:30 AM – Christine tells Nicole that Zach said everyone is pissed off at her for talking to Nicole in the Hive room after the first eviction on Thursday. Nicole says Zach took her into the Hive room and told her everything going on in the house. Nicole says she sees how people need help after being on this show because you can’t trust anyone anymore when you get out. (And Big Brother blocks the feeds on that…)

10:00 AM – More Houseguests are stirring and the Nomination Ceremony will be coming up shortly. Christine, who is supposed to be Frankie’s ally in more ways than one, suggests the idea of putting up Frankie to Nicole. She was originally not going to mention this to Nicole but got paranoid about not telling her.

11:35 AM – When the Live Feeds come back from the Nomination Ceremony, Nicole has nominated Donny and Zach, and Christine has nominated Caleb and Frankie.

Donny, Frankie, and Derrick talk about the Team America mission. Derrick has managed to complete the first part of the mission, to get a pawn to go up on the block, by convincing Caleb to go up.

11:40 AM – Frankie and Caleb talk about the Battle of the Block competition. Frankie doesn’t know that Caleb plans to basically not even participate so Frankie will continue to be an eviction nominee. Caleb says it is a perfect match for the two of them to go up together.

Frankie goes off to the kitchen and Nicole tells him he is lucky he will have two chances to save himself.

Zach tells Donny that Caleb plans to throw the Battle of the Block so that Frankie can be the eviction target.

Caleb is so full of himself about how he is going to throw the competition and tells Cody all this stuff he is going to say to Frankie about being king of the castle and the mastermind of the house. Oh please.

11:50 AM – Frankie wants Zach to tell him why he has been acting weird. Zach says he doesn’t have to explain anything to him. Christine comes in and Zach says he doesn’t want to be anywhere near either of them and has nothing to say to them anymore. Zach leaves but Frankie keeps following him. Frankie tells Zach he is the reason Zach is still here and he is on the block right now because of that.

Frankie finally leaves him alone. Zach tells Donny he is pissed off at Frankie for trying to claim he saved him. He is mad they didn’t save Hayden because they could have taken over the house.

12:15 AM – Nicole and Zach talk again about working together and trying to get Frankie out this week. If they can’t get him, they want Christine out. Zach can’t believe Frankie told him he is the reason Zach wasn’t evicted.

12:30 PM – Zach tells Derrick he is so pissed off at Christine and Frankie telling all these lies. He feels like such a fool that you think people are your friends and they are your worst enemies. Zach says f**k  Frankie and Christine. Derrick tells him to think about what he says before he says anything. Victoria, listening in, seems happy. Derrick says he is like everyone’s Big Brother dad.

1:45 PM – Frankie says not being nominated for 8 weeks is living the live. He says Nicole is his favorite player for being bold enough to put him up. Later, Christine tells Nicole that was hilarious.

3:15 PM – Donny tells Derrick that if Caleb throws the Battle of the Block as he plans, they will be square. Derrick says Caleb is going to sit on the ground and he will sabotage things if he has to.

3:25 PM – Derrick tells Frankie that Caleb is pissed at him. Frankie wants to know if Caleb is going to throw the comp and Derrick says he doesn’t know. Frankie says he is going to tell Caleb why he is really in the game.

3:45 PM – Frankie asks Caleb if he is going to throw the competition. Caleb asks why would he do that. Frankie tells him that there is a lot Caleb doesn’t know about him that are really good things. He says he loves Caleb like a brother and he wants to work with him. Caleb says he loves him too. Frankie says Caleb shouldn’t doubt him.

4:10 PM – Zach tells Victoria that Frankie is a terrible person and he doesn’t want to even be in the same room with him. He says Frankie made all this crap up to try to get him out and it didn’t work. Zach says Frankie and Christine are a joke. He feels terrible for Hayden getting screwed over.

4:55 PM – Nicole talks to Caleb and Derrick about Frankie getting her to lie about Amber to help get her evicted. Caleb is still pretty pissed off about it. Caleb says he is going to lay there like a dead fish during the Battle of the Block. Zach comes in. They all agree they really don’t care what Frankie wants to say about his life outside of the house.

6:25 PM – Caleb tells Zach he will throw the Battle of the Block UNLESS it means he has to be on slop for even longer. (He got a two week slop punishment at the previous BOTB.

6:45 PM – Christine tells Nicole she absolutely will not backdoor her. Christine says Zach told her Nicole was talking about trying to get her out. Nicole totally denies this.

7:30 PM – This is a little convoluted, but here we go. Zach tells Donny that Caleb found out that Frankie forced Nicole to lie about Amber to get him to help evict her. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

9:50 PM – Live Feeds come back up from the Battle of the Block. Things certainly did NOT go as planned for most of the house. Caleb did refuse to play so he could throw the competition. But Frankie ended up winning anyway! So Frankie is safe from eviction, along with Caleb. Donny and Zach remain on the block. Nicole is dethroned and Christine is the sole remaining HoH. So what seemed almost a sure bet that either Frankie or Christine would go home is now totally screwed.

Zach goes after Frankie in a very nasty tirade. He says Frankie has been talking sh*t about him the whole time. Frankie says Zach’s game is dirtier than a dildo coming out of his a**. (That is so gross.) Zach yells that Frankie and Christine are such liars. He says he had Frankie’s back. Frankie says he had his back too. He says it must suck that he lost to him when he was the only one playing on his side. Full Frankie and Zach word fight going on! You simply must rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds to enjoy it all.

10:05 PM – Frankie spills the beans to the guys that his sister is famous and he is a “media mogul” and he is playing to win Big Brother just for charity. Because he doesn’t need the money. If he wins, he better stick with that or he will get ripped up in the press.

Frankie says he has been playing the game paranoid and it has eaten away at his soul. He says when his grandfather died it threw him off center and messed him up. He says he didn’t trust Zach and he tries to explain how all the crap about him went down. (Making himself look as good as possible.) Frankie says he got freaked out and did what he did.

Caleb asks if Frankie is even gay. Frankie says yes, I am very gay.

10:30 PM – Frankie tells the girls his sister is Ariana Grande. Victoria is one of the only people who seems to know who she is. Nicole thinks it is cool he has a famous sister. He says he is a social media mogul and on YouTube and has 1.5 million followers. Victoria screams that she is going to kill him!

10:33 PM – Derrick and Cody talk about getting Nicole up on the block. Cody says Nicole doesn’t trust Christine but that everything they tell Christine goes to Nicole. Cody says what Frankie did was a good move but Derrick says it was all strategy. Derrick says Frankie owns Victoria now. Derrick says he didn’t come here to meet a pop star’s brother.

10:50 PM – Derrick tells Frankie that he will keep working with him for Team America missions. He says he is here for his daughter. Derrick says that Cody told him that Frankie wants him and Zach out and that is what has caused all the trouble. Caleb comes in and hugs Frankie. Frankie tells them that Nicole is making up lies about him. Caleb says Nicole said if she didn’t lie to him that Frankie would have put her up. Frankie says that is totally a lie. Caleb says he’s never heard of Frankie’s sister.

Cody, Derrick, and Zach talk and Derrick is pissy about Frankie’s big reveal. Zach says everyone hated him and now people are s**king his d**k. Derrick says Frankie is still playing all of them. Victoria comes in and says she is confused. She says she is a HUGE fan of Ariana Grande. She leaves. Derrick says they are f**ked with Victoria and Caleb all now going to love Frankie. Derrick thinks Frankie shouldn’t have been allowed to play Battle of the Block alone.

Frankie comes in and tries to get a hug from Zach and gets DENIED. He leaves. Zach says he doesn’t care if your sister is Hilary Clinton, WTF.

11:20 PM – Frankie once again states that he doesn’t need the money from Big Brother because he makes $1000 a week from YouTube and he would give the money to charity. We think this is a bizarre tactic to try to get support in the house because there are a LOT of Houseguests who really DO need the money.

11:45 PM – Victoria and Cody are pissed off about Frankie. Cody thinks everyone is going to suck up to him. Victoria says Frankie has treated her like crap all season.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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