Big Brother 16 Cast: Are Racists Being Screened Out?

As we draw ever closer to the premiere, the first Big Brother 16 spoilers rumors are starting to slowly creep out. One of the latest we came across this week involves a very interesting bit of gossip about the Big Brother 2014 casting process. In specific, some of the questions being asked of potential future Houseguests.

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Big Brother 16 Julie Chen

Now, as we all surely remember, the Big Brother cast for last season caused a lot of outrage and controversy with some of the less PC things they said on the Big Brother Live Feeds. There were a lot of racist, homophobic, and misogynistic comments being thrown around. More so than in any previous season, especially when it came to remarks that came across as being very heavy on racism.

So when we heard a rumor from @MissLove2Blog on Twitter that “people who have made it far into #BB16 casting said they are asking questions about knowing minorities/gays,” we can’t say we would be surprised if that was true.

However, we also think this probably isn’t a new thing if potential Big Brother 2014 cast members are being asked this. As one commenter on the JokersUpdates forum notes, this sounds a lot like other similar questions we’ve heard have been asked of applicants in previous years as well. In addition, casting director Robyn Kass told the Washington Post Style Blog that nothing has really changed about the process since last year’s controversial season.

Big Brother casting is very thorough but not perfect. They want to know EVERYTHING possible about the people they are going to be putting on camera 24/7. However, this still doesn’t always screen out Houseguests like Aaryn Gries and her racist comments, or Dan Gheesling and his homophobic rants.

In truth though, having people like Aaryn and Dan is just representing the real cross-section of American that exists out there. In a lot of ways, having the Housguests’ racist, misogynistic, and homophobic slurs splashed all over the media might not be a bad thing in the end. It certainly creates a lot of discussion about these issues that need to be talked about. Even if these types of cast members do end up leaving a rather foul taste in our mouths.


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