Big Brother 25 Week 9 Head of Household (09/28/23) Results

Big Brother 25-Julie Chen

The game can resume after a week of the Big Brother 25 zombies terrorizing the house. This time Cameron has fought his way back to the game. Jared has officially been evicted and the week of no competitions forced a  lot of houseguests to work on their social game and replan for the upcoming weeks. There is still one more eviction before the jury starts. Whoever is evicted this week leaves one week short of making the jury.

This means that the houseguests will be fighting harder than ever to ensure that they earn a spot on the jury. At the end of the recent Big Brother 25 episode, host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that Cory could also play in the Head of Household competition, despite being the outgoing HOH.

This means that all the current houseguests will be playing tonight. Depending on the type of competition, it’s hard to predict who will win it. However, there are some players in major danger this week. Felicia is one of them because Cameron has been promoting the idea that Felicia may be able to influence a jury. Cory is also in a bit of danger because Blue would definitely go after him.

We also learned that Cirie has plans to get Cory out next. Cameron, surprisingly, seems like one of the safer houseguests this week. Only a few houseguests would target him again this week. Therefore, he almost has a pass to the jury now. That’s good for him, terrible for the other houseguests. 

So who won this week’s Head of Household? Read below to find out.



Cameron is the new Head of Household!


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