Big Brother 15 Cast Reunion: Aaryn Gries Hosts the Houseguests! [PHOTOS]

Former Big Brother 15 cast members Judd Daughtery, Jeremy McGuire, Jessie Kowalsky, Aaryn Gries, and GinaMarie Zimmerman hooked up in Texas this past weekend for a grand reunion. The get together was hosted by Aaryn at her family’s ranch, and it looked like all involved had a fabulous time.


We couldn’t help but notice that two former Houseguests looked especially cozy during the Big Brother 15 reunion. McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman (who weren’t in attendance) may have broken up, but could it be that another BB15 showmance might be heating up again?

From the series of photos posted all over Twitter and Instagram by everyone involved, the Big Brother 15 Houseguests appear to have had a totally fun weekend together. There was drinking, fake mustaches, a bonfire, a pink gorilla, and even — gasp! — some smooching!

There was also a poignant moment where Aaryn Gries showed off a cake made for her late father, who recently passed, with writing on it saying “Happy Birthday Daddy.”

Which two former Big Brother 15 cast members snuggled up for some cuddles and kisses? That would be Judd Daughtery and Jessie Kowalski! Yes, Judd smacked lips with the girl he once said on the Big Brother Live Feeds “moans in her sleep like she is being f**ked” and speculated her lady parts probably tasted like “butterscotch.”

We wonder, sometimes, if the Big Brother Houseguests ever go back and watch themselves and think, OH MY GOD, I can’t believe I said that kind of sh** on camera.

Anyway, we digress. Take a gander at all the awesome photos from the little gathering in Texas for yourself and see what kinds of other crazy antics GinaMarie, Aaryn, Jeremy, Judd, and Jessie got up to!

(Click thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through.)


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