Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 9 Block Nominations (09/29/23)

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Big Brother 25 is undergoing a bit of Groundhog Day with Cameron once again the Head of Household. This is his third HOH of the season. With the show still having over a month before the finale, he could break or reach the Head of Household Big Brother record.

In the past, Cameron took two different approaches to his Head of Household reigns. 

In the first, he played it safe and just nominated Jag and Blue. This resulted in Jag’s eviction, but Matt’s power saved him from leaving the game. The second HOH was a bit more sneaky. Cameron wanted to make a big move. He nominated Felicia and Izzy. However, he didn’t clue production or the houseguests in on his plan.

Therefore, this made fans and the houseguests unsure if Cameron would play this Head of Household more like his first HOH reign or his second one. He seems to be playing like his first reign. Cameron has been very transparent and forthcoming with his intentions and plans.

He told Felicia and Mecole that he plans to nominate them. Additionally, he informed the entire house of these nominations. Cameron has lied to the house before, but this seems like his real plan because he hasn’t hinted about anything else. When he did the surprise Izzy and Felicia nominations, he hinted about it.

Felicia seems to be his true target. He only plans to nominate Mecole so that if she wins Veto, she won’t use it to save Felicia. However, the Power of Veto Competition could change Cameron’s target.  

Did Cameron stay true to his word and nominate Mecole and Felicia? Read below to find out.



Cameron nominated Felicia and Mecole for eviction. Join us tomorrow to find out who wins the Power of Veto Competition.

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