Did Someone Get Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 25? (8/31/23)

Cameron Hardin won the Pressure Cooker HOH competition in the Big Brother 25 house this week. He nominated Jag Bains and Blue Kim to the block for nomination to help protect his alliance, Legends 25. The issue is that this alliance was created just to make Cameron and Red Utley feel safe.


Jag knew he needed to win the Power of Veto to take himself off the block and save his game. Red, Cameron’s ride-or-die won the POV competition, and he decided to leave the nominations the same for his HOH buddy. Jag or Blue will go home tonight unless the new Power of Invincibility is unleashed in the Big Brother 25 house.

Big Brother 25 Week Four Power of Veto Aftermath

Jag went to the Bye Bye Bitches to fight for their vote to stay in the Big Brother 25 house. Now that the core alliance of Legemds 25 knows that Cameron and Red are forming other alliances behind their backs, they do not feel they need to stick with his target this week.

Cirie Fields, who is running the show, is starting to believe that keeping Jag may be best for their game. That would mean she would need to vote out Blue, and Blue is her son’s showmance in the house. This could get really ugly really quickly.

BB25 Cirie and Jared

Cirie went to Jared Fields about the situation and was unhappy these talks were going on behind his back. He is not on board to evict Blue this week. He is also mad at his alliance for talking without him present. Cirie tried to calm him down.

Big Brother 25 Power of Invincibility Twist

Over the last few days, the Big Brother 25 fans were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite players to compete for the Power of Invincibility. The four houseguests with the most votes will win the opportunity to compete to win this new power secretly. The player with the best time will be notified secretly of their victory.

Cirie, Jag, Cory Wurtenberger, and Matt Klotz were the four houseguests chosen to compete for the new power. The players were notified secretly if they were chosen or not to compete. Let the games begin.

BB25 Power Competition

This is a timed competition. Players must guide an orb down a path into a chalice in the fastest time. If their orb falls off, they must grab another one and start over. The fastest time wins.

Matt won the new power unleashed in the Big Brother 25 house. The new power granted to Matt allows him to save one of the next two evicted houseguests including himself. Now, Matt must decide if he will use the power, when to use the power, and whether or not he will tell anyone about his new power.

Matt trusted Cirie to share the info about his win. Cirie said that moved Matt up her trust scale to the top and maybe even the final three. Cirie and Matt talk in-depth about the possibility of saving Jag this week because he will be loyal to them going forward.

BB25 Cirie and Matt

Big Brother 25 Week Four Live Vote and Eviction

This week’s vote has begun, and the votes are as follows:

Red voted to evict Jag
Jared voted to evict Jag
Cory voted to evict Jag
America voted to evict Jag
Matt voted to evict Jag
Cirie voted to evict Jag
Felicia Cannon voted to evict Jag
Izzy Gleicher voted to evict Jag
Mecole Hayes voted to evict Jag
Bowie Jane voted to evict Jag

By a unanimous vote of 10-0, Jag was evicted from the Big Brother 25 house. After Jag hugged all the houseguests goodbye, a message came to the house. Host Julie Chen Moonves instructed everyone to take a seat on the couch immediately.

The Power of Invincibility was unleashed, and Jag was saved from eviction. In addition to everyone staying in the Big Brother 25 house this week, all houseguests will be able to compete in the upcoming HOH competition, including the outgoing HOH Cameron. Expect the unexpected!

Join us again Sunday, September 3rd at 8 PM EST for the Head of Household competition results and block nominations.


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