Big Brother 25 Episode 12 Recap: Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

The Pressure Cooker returned to Big Brother 25 this week with this season’s fourth Head of Household Competition. Cameron Hardin won after talking America Lopez into dropping out. He promised her and her ride-or-die, Cory Wurtenberger, safety for the week.


Cameron and his closest ally, Red Utley, have been fooled by the Bye Bye Bitches alliance. They believe they are in a large Big Brother 25 house alliance called Legend 25. With Cameron believing he has a large alliance in his back pocket, he has nominated Jag Bains and Blue Kim for eviction this week. Jag is his target.

Big Brother 25 Week Four Block Nominations Aftermath

Although Jag is on the block and his target this week, Cameron also has Izzy Gleicher in his sites. Cameron knows they don’t have a strong relationship. Red also brought to his attention that she looked very upset when Cameron won the HOH this week in Big Brother 25.

Cameron feels Legend 25 is his group, and Jag and Blue are the enemy. They have not worked together since week one. Also, Cameron is not in the Seven Deadly Sins alliance with Jag and Blue.

Blue and her showmance partner, Jared Fields, are working hard to get Blue off the block. Her worst nightmare would be Jag coming off the block this week and his replacement being Jared. She would be sitting next to her boy on the block.

Big Brother 25 Secrets Revealed

Cameron and America shared secrets with one another after the HOH competition. America revealed that she graduated from Brown University. Cameron told her that his brother finished 17th on a season of Survivor. They are trusting each other more and more.

On the other side of the Big Brother 25 house, Jared told Blue that he MAY be related to Felicia Canon. He did this to test Blue to see if she would spread this info in the house. She put together the puzzle in the diary room and now believes he and Cirie Fields are related, which we know is true.

BB25 Jared and Blue

On the alliance front, Cameron believes there is a core alliance within his own. He feels that Felicia, Cirie, and Izzy are working together. Cameron made the mistake of telling Matt Klotz this information who immediately ran to Cirie with the knowledge. No one can be trusted.

Izzy happened upon Cameron and America having a snuggle session and thought she should throw them some “protection.” After searching high and low, she and others realized the condoms were all missing from the storage room. Blue and Jared look guilty but refuse to admit it was them. Felicia said it best. “Everyone in the Big Brother house is looking for some protection.”

Big Brother 25 Week Four Power of Veto Competition

This week, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Red, Jared, and Mecole Hayes will compete in the POV competition to gain that golden crown. This week’s competition is a timed event played individually by the participants.


This competition is called Artifact Stack, and here is how it works. Each houseguest will enter a temple one at a time. They will hit the button to start their time and begin solving an ancient riddle.

First, they will balance two artifacts on each pillar to gain balance. The right combination of artifacts will correctly balance each pillar. Once all pillars are balanced with artifacts, the player must hit their button. If they are correct, six letters will glow on the wall behind them.

They must rearrange the letters to form the last word of the puzzle. This will allow the player to unscramble the riddle. They must hit their button one more time to lock in their time. If they are correct, the door to the temple will open, and the challenge will be complete.

The times are revealed after all six houseguests playing in the veto finish their run. Red finished in the shortest time and won the golden power of veto this week. This is best case scenario for HOH Cameron, but this is not so hot for Jag and Blue.

BB25 POV Red Utley

At the POV ceremony, Red did not use the power. That kept Jag and Blue on the block for eviction. One of them will likely go home this week…unless the new invincibility power is unveiled at the live eviction tomorrow night.

Join us again tomorrow, August 31st at 9 PM EST for the live eviction vote and result.


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