Big Brother 25 Spoilers: The Power of Invincibility Winner (8/30/23)

Fans have voted for several days to give someone the power to cancel one of the next two Big Brother 25 eliminations. The  Power of Invincibility twist

For several days, the fans have voted to allow four Big Brother 25 houseguests to compete for a special prize that will grant one of them the power to cancel one of the next two evictions. The special power seems very similar to the Haling Hex in Big Brother 19. However, this prize may allow the eviction cancellation to happen after the houseguests vote someone out. 

This week, Jag seems the most in danger of eviction. Therefore, he is one of the players who needs this power the most. Currently, the houseguests plan to vote out Blue instead of Jag, but you can never feel too comfortable in the Big Brother game. Additionally, if he does end up staying, he may still need this option next week, depending on who wins Head of Household.

Also, the best thing about this power is that it can be used to save yourself or an ally. Therefore, he may be able to use it next week even if he’s safe this week. According to a Big Brother Network poll, Matt, Cory, Cirie, and Felicia were the most likely to be voted by America to play for the prize, with Jag close by Felicia. Therefore, the last spot could have gone to either of them. 

Going by this, it was anyone’s game to win this power because only Felicia has won any of the competitions yet. They also all have different strengths. It was really anyone’s competition to win. 



On Tuesday, Big Brother calls the houseguests individually to compete in the secret competition. Everyone player got the chance to play, but only the four with the most votes were allowed to play. Either way, each houseguest had about 20 minutes to sit outside or compete in the competition. Everyone denied playing. However, eventually, Cirie confirms to Izzy and Jared that she played in the competition.

In a private conversation, Matt confirmed to Cirie that he was also one of the four that played today. Cory later confirmed to America that he did play in the competition. Jag confirmed, the following day, to Felicia and Cirie that he played. So the four players Matt, Cirie, Cory, and Jag. 

Matt won the Power of Invincibility. 


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