Big Brother 25 Week 5 Head of Household (08/31/23) Results

Big Brother 25 Julie ChenBig Brother 25 had one of the craziest evictions in recent seasons. It started with everyone being sure that Jag was on his way out the Big Brother 25 doors. However, the Power of Invincibility twist came into play. It allowed Jag and Blue to stay in the game.

Matt using this power also reset the week. Jag didn’t have to leave the game, but now, Cameron gets a second chance to play in the Head of Household Competition. Going into this week’s competition, it will likely be Cameron and Red against the entire house.

Almost every one of the remaining houseguests, minus Bowie Jane, will likely nominate Red and Cameron for eviction this week. They both really need this Head of Household win to keep both of them in the game. Otherwise, it’s looking like at least one of the trio of Bowie, Red, or Cameron will be evicted this week.

Because last week’s Head of Household Competition was an endurance one, it’s likely that this one will be either a lucked-based competition or some form of trivia or memory competition. Either way, anyone has a chance to win this Head of Household Competition. 

It’s the HOH week that also has the most potential for more chaos. So who won this week’s Big Brother 25 Head of Household? Read below to find out.



Jared is the new Head of Household!

He likely will stick the house targets of Cameron and Red, with Bowie Jane being a replacement nominee.

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