Big Brother 16 Spoilers: First Showmance Sealed With A Kiss!

While it was a crazy night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, one thing stands out to us during all the madness on Big Brother 2014: we had the first confirmation of a showmance on Big Brother 16! Yup, the first showmance of the season was sealed with a kiss and a thumbs up to the Feedsters! Check out the details and photos below in our Big Brother 16 spoilers!

Big Brother 16 July 17 2014 3

We have all seen Hayden desperately trying to get close and closer with Nicole this season. They have done some major flirting and almost had that first kiss last week, but then Victoria came in and ruined the mood and never left the room! How dare she???

It was such an awkward night in the Big Brother 2014 house last night, as everyone seems to be afraid of Brittany, especially Nicole and Christine. They think if she stays and wins HoH next week than she would definitely be coming after them. Zach was trying to come up with a plan to get Caleb out this week and was getting angry when no one would listen to his plan. At some point he called Nicole selfish for wanting Brittany out and she ran with it and ran with it hard.

She could not get over it that he called her selfish and poor Nicole, which Hayden ate up and used to his advantage. It led to some cuddling in bed and the first makeout session of Big Brother 16! To make sure us Feedsters knew it happened, Hayden gave us the thumbs up! It all went down about 12:25 BBT, if you want to scroll back and check it out, but here are some photos:

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