Big Brother 21 Episode 1 Recap: Meet the Houseguests

The night we have waited all year long for has finally arrived… it is Big Brother 21  premiere night. Welcome to the Big Brother Access coverage of the special two night Big Brother season 21 premiere. We will be recapping each and every Big Brother 21 episode live. With all the rumors running through the Big Brother stratosphere, this looks to be an exciting season.

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The theme for this year’s Big Brother house is Camp BB. The house is decorated for summer camp, which extends from the retro RV leading into the HG’s bedroom to a faux campfire situated in the middle of the infamous Big Brother kitchen table. These HGs better like camping out because they are beginning the ultimate adventure, cutoff from the outside world while cameras and microphones catch their every move.

As Julie Chen said, first impressions could never be more important. She immediately shared that these houseguests will be faced with a game changing decision that will give one houseguest unprecedented power. This power will put everyone’s games in jeopardy. What a way to kick off the Big Brother 21 summer.

Meet the Houseguests

The first four HGs to enter the Big Brother 21 house are Tommy Bracco, Jack Matthews, Kathryn Dunn, and Nicole Anthony. Tommy immediately shared how beautiful the house was, but he made sure to add that the house was not as beautiful as his fellow HG Jack. This summer is sizzling already!

The next four HGs to enter are Jackson Michie, Ovi Kabir, Holly Allen, and Kemi Faknule. Kathryn is hot after Jackson and only half of the HGs have entered at this point.

Big Brother 21 Meet the Cast

Julie dropped a big clue about Big Brother 21, which confirms many rumors during the pre-season. She said that just like in summer camp, some of these houseguests may already know one another. The question will be whether or not the HGs share the knowledge with their fellow HG’s. Only time will tell.

The next group heading into the house for the summer includes Cliff Hogg III, Analyse Talavera, Isabella Wang, and David Alexander. Jack and Jackson have developed a serious bromance right off the bat. Love is in the air.

Last in are Christie Murphy, Sam Smith, Nick Maccarone, and Jessica Milagros to enter the Big Brother house. Tommy shares in the diary room that he knows Christie because she previously dated someone in his family. He vows to play this cool as to not put an instant target on his back. Both play it down when they run into each other for the first time, pretending not to know one another. Nice move.

Jack, AKA Aquaman played by Jason Momoa, is clearly getting all of the googly eyes in the Big Brother house. Analyse, Kathryn, Kemi, Nicole, and Tommy all seem to be quite attracted to Jack’s chiseled jaw and long flowing locks. All the while, his bromance buddy Jackson has his eyes set on Analyse. This could spell Big Brother trouble brewing for these unsuspecting HG’s.

Camp BB

Julie calls everyone into the living room for the first time. She officially welcomes them all to Camp BB and tells the HGs that they are about to experience the great outdoors…indoors. She also reminds them to expect the unexpected because that begins right now.

Big Brother 21 Cast

For the first time in Big Brother history, the houseguests will elect a camp director. The camp director will be given unprecedented powers as promised earlier. The camp director will be safe from elimination for the first week. The director will also not only impact the first Head of Household (HOH) competition, but they could single handedly put the other houseguests game in jeopardy.

Cliff is the first HG to volunteer to be camp director. He knows that the “old guy” always has a target on his back and wants the protection in the first week. Next to throw their hat into the ring is David, followed by Jessica.  Pretty boy Jackson announces his intent to become the first camp director next.

Jessica’s bid for Camp BB has caught a bunch of the HGs attention right off the bat including Tommy, Holly, Christie, Nicole, Kemi, Analyse,and Kathryn. This group is all about girl power, including Tommy.

Jackson starts his campaign with bromance buddy Jack. Nicole seems to have been persuaded by Jackson’s desire to become the first director. Isabella is only concerned about voting the majority to keep any targets off her back. Jackson hopes to have Jack, Kathryn, Isabella, Tommy, Nicole, Christie, and Nick on his side. Already the HGs are flip-flopping all over the place.

The results are in, and they will be revealed with the HGs being slimed. The HGs with the least number of votes (zero votes) were: Tommy, Holly, Christie, Kemi, Cliff, Isabella, Nicole, Ovi, Kathryn, David, and Analyse. Nick and Jack both received one vote each. That leaves Jessica and Jackson in the running for camp director. The winner is Jackson with a total of 10 votes, while Jessica only received 4 votes.

Big Brother 21 Camp Director

As camp director, Jackson will be safe at the first live eviction. With good, comes the bad: Jackson must also choose 4 HGs to banish from the game. These 4 HGs will battle against one another to return to the game. Three HGs will return while one houseguest will leave the game before the first eviction even takes place.

Big Brother 21 Jackson Michie

During the second night of the Big Brother 21 premiere, the banished houseguest will battle one another in the Big Brother Wilderness. The first HOH competition will be shown tomorrow evening with an epic battle of endurance, who will be banished from the game, and who will rise to power?

Join us again right here tomorrow evening, Wednesday, June 26, at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the second night of the Big Brother 21 premiere.

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