Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 32 Highlights: Fessy Gets Himself in a Messy Situation

Saturday in the Big Brother 20 house started off calm and quiet, for the most part. There was a little bit of regret as Faysal Shafaat got picked to play in the Power of Veto competition, which meant he would have to pick between his two best friends in the Big Brother 2018 house: Kaitlyn Herman and Haleigh Broucher.

Big Brother 20-Kaitlyn Herman and Faysal Shafaat

Kaitlyn immediately started pressuring Faysal to save her if he won the Veto. He wouldn’t give her a straight answer. The Power of Veto competition was a form of memory one, and the players had to memorize a sequence of sounds or actions. It sounds a lot like the usual bomb, explosion competition, just without the explosions. Fessy won this one and then the drama began.

Kaitlyn was excited about him using the Veto on her. She even claimed that she threw him the Veto competition to keep both of them safe. Faysal went full on panic mode after the competition, and this made Haleigh believe that Fessy was torn on what to do with the Veto.

She told Angie “Rockstar” Lantry that she regretted picking him for Veto. Haleigh had originally planned to pick Scottie Salton as her houseguest’s choice. However, she knew Faysal really wanted to play for her. Fessy then seem a little torn, especially when talking to Kaitlyn.

Big Brother 20-Kaitlyn Herman and Faysal Shafaat

Kaitlyn got so mad during one of their conversation that she stormed into the diary room, and declared that she wanted to go home. Once Kaitlyn left into the DR, Bayleigh Dayton and him had an honest conversation. She told him to stop trusting Kaitlyn, and that if Bayleigh wasn’t going on the block, he should use the Veto to save Haleigh.

Bayleigh also confirmed what Fessy suspected that Kaitlyn didn’t throw the comp to him. Fessy talked to Haleigh alone and confirmed that he would use the Veto to save her. Haleigh then mentioned that JC Mounduix wanted Fessy to not use the Veto, because he didn’t want Rockstar to go on the block, and then risk her getting evicted this week.

They needed her as a number. JC also spoke with Tyler Crispen in private about getting Kaitlyn out this week. No one else was a consideration. Tyler tried to get some info out of Fessy by asking him about the Veto. Fessy pretended to still be torn, but said he was thinking about using it. Tyler then went to Sam to discuss this development.

Big Brother 20-Sam Bledsoe and Bayleigh Dayton

Sam originally planned to nominate Rockstar, but when Tyler pressed her about it, she said she changed her mind. However, she wasn’t going to tell Tyler who she planned to nominate.

Their conversation got cut short with Bayleigh came in the room while having a breakdown about the game, and how everyone else was treating her.

At midnight, the Have-Nots finally ended for Brett Robinson, Tyler, Angela Rummans, and Sam. Sam and Bayleigh spent part of the evening planning a big midnight feast for everyone. JC also made over Haleigh and Kaitlyn.

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