The Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers for the final Nomination Ceremony of the season have been revealed. There is only one vote that will count in this next eviction, and both of the final nominees are pretty much convinced at this point that they have it.

Big Brother Canada Jon

We previously revealed the Big Brother Canada spoilers for the Head of Household winner earlier. In a way, this is one of the best and worst weeks to be the HoH. You get a guaranteed spot in the Final Three, but unless you also won Power of Veto, you don’t really have a lot of power.

When we found out from the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds that Sabrina had somehow managed to pull off a win in the Head of Household Competition, we knew at least one of the final nominees for sure. There was no way Sabrina was not going to put up Jon. So up he went on the block. As for which of the other girls should join him, it really didn’t matter all that match.

When there are only four Houseguests left in the competition, the real strength is the Power of Veto. Whichever Big Brother Canada cast member wins it will either take themselves off the block, or leave the nominations as they are. Period, that’s all that can happen. Either way, they have a guaranteed final three spot. But, the PoV holder will also end up with the sole vote when eviction time comes. So they will get the opportunity to choose the last member of the final three all by themselves.

Unless, of course, the HoH is also the PoV winner. Then they can shuffle nominations between the other three, but they DON’T get the final vote. The person they choose not to put on the block gets that huge power.

So, really, it didn’t matter much whether Sabrina put up Neda or Heather to go against Jon. It’s all really about who wins that all important Power of Veto Competition. Thus, when it came time to pick the second nominee this week, Heather and Neda played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who it would be. Neda won best two out of three and so Heather goes up on the block.

Jon thinks Neda not being on the block is a very good thing for him… because he thinks Neda will vote against Sabrina in order to keep him in the game. If he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, he’s got a nasty shock in store. Because although both Neda and Heather are promising Jon they want him to stay, he’s actually the big target to get out and leave the girls with the finale all to themselves.

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