We have the Big Brother Canada spoilers on the final Power of Veto Competition for 2014! As most fans of the show know, this week, everything is all about that coveted PoV. Whichever Big Brother Canada cast member has it gets the one and only vote at the eviction this round!

Big Brother Canada Neda

Well, unless they also happen to be the Head of Household, then they get to pick which of the other three Houseguests gets the vote. Either way, it’s the cake everybody wants.

When we last left off, new Head of Household Sabrina had nominated Jon and Heather for eviction.  Jon was the actual target. Heather just ended up losing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to go up on the block against him. Didn’t really matter anyway, because all the real decisions would end up with whichever Big Brother Canada cast member won the Power of Veto.

At the Power of Veto Competition, Sabrina needed to win to keep her nominations the same, but if she did, she still wouldn’t get to vote in the eviction. Everyone else wanted to grab the win so they could both be safe from being evicted, and get to decide who would go with them and Sabrina to the final three.

Before the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds cut out for the last time on Sunday, we were able to find out who won the competition and was granted the last Power of Veto for 2014. It was a very, very lucky day for this particular Housguest, who was pretty much about to head off to Jury House if they didn’t grab the PoV this time.

The winner of the final Power of Veto Competition for Big Brother Canada 2 was… Jon! Yes, Jon won the PoV and will obviously use it to take himself off the block. Heather and Neda will be the final nominees facing eviction, with Sabrina safe as the Head of Household.

Now the big question is, will Jon stick with his deals and keep Neda safe… even though she’s probably a much more dangerous rival in the finale? Or will he betray Neda and vote her out, knowing that he’s more likely to win it all against Sabrina and Heather in the end?


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