Big Brother Canada Spoilers: First Season 2 Promo Video!

The first Big Brother Canada spoilers promo is out and it’s time to freak out! Big Brother Canada season 2 debuts in March and we can’t wait. The first season of BBCAN was epic and frankly one of the most enjoyable seasons of any version of Big Brother we’ve watched in years. The cast was entertaining, the twists were fun and not overdone, and the finale was rocking awesome.

Big Brother Canada 2014

If you happen to live outside of the land of mounties and maple syrup, and want to get in on the Big Brother Canada action, we’ll direct you over to this very informative page from our friends at We’ll advise of course, that you should always follow any and all laws about such things in your home country. If you’re interested in catching up by watching BBCAN season one, we might suggest taking a little trip to YouTube and poking around.

With all that said, are you ready to ‘Freak Out’ over the first season 2 promo for 2014? Enjoy below!

For those in Canada, BBCAN season 2 will premiere in march on Slice and you can tune into the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds at


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