Big Brother 15 Mom Squad Reunites and Candice Stewart’s New Boyfriend! [PHOTOS]

The Big Brother 15 Mom Squad alliance of Helen Kim and Elissa Slater reunited in Chicago over the weekend with their kids and husbands in tow for a fun-filled play date for all! Candice Stewart, who was an adjunct member of the Mom Squad at times during BB15, also came along for the ride. The ladies hit up the ice rink with the kids, raced go karts, partied it up Beyoncé style, and more!

Elissa Reilly, Candice Stewart and Helen Kim - Source: Twitter
Elissa Reilly, Candice Stewart and Helen Kim – Source: Twitter

Helen Kim, Elissa Slater, and Candice Stewart have been flooding their Twitter and Instagram feeds with photos from their weekend together in Chicago. We love seeing all three of them looking like the best of friends and obviously enjoying each other’s company. Former Mom Squad conspirators Helen Kim and Elissa Slater seem especially close since their time together on the show. They all certainly looked like they were having a grand time hanging out together!

We are also delighted to see Helen and Elissa showing off their adorable kids and cute husbands. Nothing like combining a nice family vacation with a visit to your Big Brother alumni friends! We also got a peek at Candice Stewart’s new boyfriend and he is fine! The ladies also had the chance to hook up with Ernie and Cindy Halvorson from The Amazing Race and Keith Henderson from Big Brother 13 while they were in town for a little photo op.

Check out the fab pics of the ladies in the Windy City! (Click the thumbnails for bigger photos and to scroll through. Source: Instagram/Twitter.)

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