We waited very impatiently for the Big Brother 15 finale backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder. Mostly because we really wanted to watch him confront HouseGuests like GinaMarie Zimmerman, Aaryn Gries, Spencer Clawson and Amanda Zuckerman about the consequences of their racist and derogatory behavior inside the house this season.


All of the HouseGuests in the Jury and the final two had no idea what was happening out there in the real world in response to their actions on Big Brother 15. Until last night, when they were rapidly bombarded with information about how they’ve been portrayed in the press and what has happened to their reputations and careers outside the house. We really wanted to see their first reactions on camera to Jeff asking them questions about what they just learned was going on outside the house!

CBS has finally posted the (cough) edited versions of the Big Brother 15 cast backyard interviews with the HouseGuests. We note that they are missing a few of the more… questionable remarks by some of the players. Check out tidbits from each of the interviews below and watch the videos for yourself! (Note: Some of the tidbits are from parts that were heard during the live streaming of the interviews but have been clipped from the edited versions.)

Aaryn Gries: Jeff had a “My Bad!” giant eraser with Aaryn’s photo on it. Aaryn had TWO publicists with her coaching her all night. We aren’t sure if this is from the interview with Jeff or someone else, but she reportedly said she plans on writing a book and that her comments were “taken out of context.” She also said the modeling agency that fired her wasn’t a good agency anyway and she has meetings with six other modeling agencies in Los Angeles this week. She apologized a lot for her behavior on the show, even though, of course, it was all “taken out of context.” She did apologize for blaming her racist remarks on being raised in Texas. She claimed that the whole bed-flipping incident was just her impersonating Candice and not racist at all. Aaryn would love to play the game again.

Amanda Zuckerman said that people didn’t like her because she was a strong woman after Jeff talked about bullying. She said she was justified in how she acted toward Elissa. Jeff talked to Amanda about the racist remarks. She pulled an Aaryn and talked about how she was “taken out of context.” She still seems into the whole McCranda post-show thing.

Andy Herren said he played this game “so hard” and he can’t believe his hard work this summer finally paid off. “I honestly feel like I was one of the strongest mental competitors in the house,” Andy said. He said he didn’t take Spencer to the final two because he was afraid the Jury would see him as disloyal. So he wanted to take GinaMarie to show he was true and loyal to at least one person through the whole game.

Candice Stewart apparently made Aaryn watch The Help and she asked if it really happened. Candice defending Aaryn freaks us out. She pretty much said Aaryn was just ignorant and it was her parents’ fault. She says GM lost her vote by talking smack about her being adopted.

David Girton said during the live stream of this interview that Aaryn was a dirty bird for making out with Judd and flirting with Jeremy. He’d have a one night stand with her though. Interesting that CBS seems to have edited out this bit in the ‘official’ edited video they posted.

Elissa Slater said she is going to put her America’s Favorite Player 25k toward her new yoga center. She appears to possibly be drunk. Weirdly enough, she really likes Andy. Until she finds out all the horrible things he said about her, we bet.

GinaMarie Zimmermantalked about Nick, of course, and she’s still delusional about that relationship. She talked again about how good-looking everyone in the house was. She hopes CBS is going to pay her medical bills for all the injuries she had on the show. She can’t think of anything she should apologize for that she did in the house but she’s sorry if she offended anyone. In a different interview with Entertainment Weekly radio, GM reportedly said “it was a really big stab in the heart” when she found out she was fired from her job but she understands. Talking to Zap2It.com, GM said she and Nick are going to meet up and have a date. She hopes there might be a future for herself and Nick…

Helen Kim said she already heard about some of the racist comments made about her and she prefers to “kill with kindness” rather than be angry. She thinks she had great taste in which players to work with, even Andy.

Howard Overby announced he is going to be on The Bold and the Beautiful at some point soon and hopes more opportunities will arise from his time on the show. As for the whole racism controversy this season, he said we all make mistakes and it’s about how you live your life after you apologize for what you’ve done.

Jeremy McGuire said he grew up from the experience. When asked about being seen as a bully, Jeremy said he had one word — Amanda. And BTW, yes, he does appear to be dating Kaitlin Barnaby in the real world now. Oh, and he really wants to be on Survivor.

Jessie Kowalski said Amanda and Elissa got into a fight in the Jury House. Jeff said she looked very sexy and he had to make sure to keep his eyes focused on her face…

Judd Daughtery said they needed more alcohol in the house. He thinks maybe he should have worked with David and Nick instead of McCranda. As for future romance with a fellow player (he kissed Aaryn Gries at the finale), it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

Kaitlin Barnaby was sorry she didn’t get to work with Elissa Slater. She wanted Judd Daughtery and Elissa to be final two and wanted GinaMarie to win. She seemed happy about some of the other HouseGuests about to get slammed by the consequences of what they did in the house.

McCrae Olson said Amanda wore the pants but he was the mastermind. He is ready to back to delivering pizza. Not really sounding ready to go to Florida to be with Amanda though, even if he did say he was “open” to the idea.

Nick Uhas talked about crying in the house and seemed disappointed that GinaMarie didn’t win. He was avoido about those other GM questions as much as he could be… but said he was going to offer to take her on a monster truck date.

Spencer Clawson: thought Andy deserved to win and played a great game. He had no regrets about anything. He did say he said some stuff that wasn’t great but passed it off as just being jokes and also, being “taken out of context.”

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