The Big Brother Canada results for who won season 2 are here at last! We’ve finally reached the Big Brother Canada 2014 finale and at the end of the night, either Jon, Neda, or Sabrina are going to be walking away with a huge grand prize worth $135,000. We’ve made our prediction for who won Big Brother Canada tonight, now let’s find out if it came true!

Big Brother Canada 2 Winner

We’re down to the final three Big Brother Canada season 2 cast members tonight. One last Head of Household Competition and a Jury deliberation that will include Canada as one of the voters, and it will all be over with. Either Jon, Sabrina, or Neda will go home tonight with $100,000 cash, a $10,000 trip around the world from Twistos, and a $25,000 home makeover from The Brick.

Based on the last Big Brother Canada spoilers to come in from the Live Feeds, we are anticipating the most likely outcome tonight to be a Jon versus Neda final two. If, of course, Jon doesn’t manage to lose both of the first two parts of the final HoH Competition. Should that happen, we think Jon will be out of luck. Despite anything they have said to Jon, we don’t think Neda or Heather would take him to the final two if they had the choice to go against each other instead.

We’ll bring you all the results of the final Head of Household Competition live as they air tonight on the Big Brother Canada finale for season 2. So join us right here at 9PM ET for our live Big Brother Canada recap of the final episode of 2014!

Final BBCAN 2 Head of Household Competition

The final HoH Competition will be an endurance challenge titled “Big Brother Bailout.” The Houseguests have to bail water out of a little boat faster than the boat can fill out. When the water passes a line on the boat, they are eliminated. This was, obviously, pre-taped.

Round One

An hour into the first round of the Head of Household Competition and all of them are still in. We really wish we had gotten to watch the whole challenge on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds. What a waste that they turned them off!

The first person out of the challenge is Neda, which isn’t that big of a deal for her if things go like we think they will and either one of the other Houseguests will take her to the final two.

Jon is tossing water into Sabrina’s boat, which is awesome. She yells at him and he pretends he didn’t know he was doing it. Over two hours into the competition and finally we have another Houseguest out and it is… Sabrina! Jon has won the first round of the HoH.

But wait, now he is telling Sabrina that even if she loses round 2 she might not be out of the running. Is he lying to her as some kind of strategy or is he seriously considering dumping Neda if he gets the power to do so? Interesting!

Round Two

In round two of the final HoH, Sabrina and Neda face off in a “Walk the Plank” challenge. They have to get across a set of trivia blocks to the other side and hit a buzzer. Whichever one gets across the fastest wins. The times are not even close. Neda wins by a landslide, finishing the puzzle in just 26 mins compared to 49 minutes by Sabrina.

Sabrina will now be out unless Neda or Jon decide to take her to the final two if they win the last round of the HoH.

Round Three

The last round is a question and answer trivia between Neda and Jon. Whoever wins will get to decide who is the second person in the finale.

  • Round 1: Both are right (Neda last minute changed to right answer)
  • Round 2: Both are right
  • Round 3: Both are right
  • Round 4: Both are right
  • Round 5: Both are right
  • Round 6: Jon gets it right!
  • Round 7: Jon gets it right & wins!

Now Jon will have to decide if he is going to remain loyal to Neda and take her to the final two, even though she’s probably more of a threat in the Jury votes than Sabrina.

Final Two Houseguests:

Jon has made his decision about who to evict and he is going to send home… and it is going to be… Neda! Wow, the look on her face! Jon has made the strategic decision instead of the emotional one.  But will the Jury members reward him or be angry with him for betraying his ally? We think Jon has this in the bag with Neda out of the way. He’s a very lucky guy that he won the final HoH or we think he would have finished out of the money.

Jury Votes:

Based on what each of them says at the block, here’s how we think the votes went down. Host Arisa Cox cast Canada’s vote.

  • Arlie votes for Jon (he says “you were a beast who did what had to be done”)
  • Allison votes for Jon
  • Rachelle votes for Sabrina (she says “pinky sworn”)
  • Adel votes for Jon (He says “Wallah Bro, wake up Canada!”)
  • Heather votes for Jon (She says “best player of the game and someone I care deeply about.”)
  • Neda votes for Jon (She says the person who “played the best, played my game.”
  • Canada votes for (probably Jon)

As we thought, it looks like Jon is going to be the Big Brother Canada 2 winner. But first we have to get through a whole lot of fluff first.

Finally it’s time for the announcement of the official results.

Big Brother Canada 2014 Winner: Jon has won!


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