We don’t know yet who will win Big Brother Canada 2, but we have a pretty good guess about what will happen. Big Brother Canada spoilers from the Live Feeds before they were shut off give us half the picture of what will likely happen this evening. Last night’s episode and the polls out there showing who will most likely win the 7th Jury vote from thew viewers fill in the rest.

* UPDATE: Click to find out who won big Brother Canada 2014 in our recap of the finale!

Big Brother Canada 2 episode 8

Will Jon’s strategy to take ally Neda to the final two turn out to be a wise decision or will he find himself wishing he had gone back on their deal in the end? Or will it be Sabrina who manages to outlast both of them in a surprise win? Keep on reading for our Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers prediction on who will win!

In all honesty, if we were going to pick a winner ourselves, we would choose Jon for the game he’s played this season. If he makes it through the final Head of Household Competition, of course. We think he will, and if that is the case, he is going to end up against Neda in the final two.

Why? Because Sabrina wants to take Neda to the final two, and Jon wants to take Neda to the final two. So no matter what happens in the final Head of Household Competition, it looks like Neda will be sitting pretty at the end of the finale. The problem for Jon is that Neda probably won’t take him to the final two if she has the choice to go against Sabrina instead. She knows it is a much better shot for her to win against Sabrina than Jon.

Too bad Jon isn’t getting the picture that it would be much better for HIM not to go against Neda in the final two either. He would be much more likely to grab the top prize if he went against Sabrina. If he ends up with the choice, we hope he would be smart and realize this… but we bet he will take Neda anyway.

So, basically, Neda has the best chance of going to the final two and Jon has the worst, with Sabrina pretty much riding along.

In the final Jury vote, based on what we heard on the Live Feeds and on the show before the finale tonight, and the polls for the viewers’ Jury vote, we think this is how the votes will play out based on who ends up in the final two:

  • Sabrina versus Neda:  Neda wins
  • Neda versus Jon: Neda wins
  • Sabrina versus Jon: Jon wins

In no scenario do we think that Sabrina will come out on top, and we think Jon can only win if he is up against Sabrina rather than Neda. So the most likely Big Brother Canada winner for us tonight is… Neda.

Of course, we’ve certainly been surprised before, and let’s not forget last season’s Big Brother Canada finale results when it all came down to one person making a terrible error that determined the winner!

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