Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Kenny Comes Out as Gay [VIDEO]

If anyone has been wondering if Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2 is gay, the answer is yes! Well, actually, he already came out of in the closet to the viewers about his sexual orientation. So quite a few fans were already aware of that since he’s been out in the Diary Room. Now though, his secret is out in the Big Brother Canada house, at least to one Houseguest anyway.


However, even if you didn’t know Kenny the bearded model was gay, you might be a little shocked that he came to Sarah on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds this week. We’re a bit surprised he decided to give up his secret so early on in the game when keeping quiet might have strategically been the better move.

Kenny and Sarah were out in the hot tub room talking game when he decided to confess he is into guys. He told her that keeping it secret was a strategic move at first because he was a bartender and knows how to talk to women, flirt, etc. “I was good with women,” he said, adding that he’s only been out “the last few years.”

Sarah was “so happy” her husband won’t have to worry about her close bond with Kenny, which is cute. She hugged him repeatedly and just kept saying “oh my god” over and over. Kenny told her that Canada already knows he is gay and that hiding his sexual orientation in the house is very hard. He says he needed to tell someone or he was just going to die.

Kenny told Sarah he needs her because he doesn’t know how to deal with all of this. Sarah cries because she wanted to cuddle with Kenny but didn’t want her husband to freak out. She jokingly says she knew that no straight boy could dance like he does covered in oil! Which, of course, made us want to relive that whole nearly naked oil dance in photos…

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Kenny said he thinks he knows how he can tell the others he is gay without it hurting his game, but the time isn’t right yet. He cautioned Sarah, however, that she should ask just as surprised as everyone else when he does, so they don’t get a bigger target on their back. He promised that everything else he has told her is true, it was just that one thing he was keeping secret before.

Amusingly, Jon actually pops out and joins them for a second and the conversation shifts. When Jon leaves, Sarah asks Kenny if he likes Jon and he replies that ‘hell no’ he likes “manly men!”

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