Big Brother 16 Live Recap: Week 9 Power of Veto! 8/27/14

“The most twisted season yet” of Big Brother on CBS continues tonight! While Americans everywhere cry into their beds that Zach Rance no longer engages in #ZachAttacks around the house, the game continues on.

Big Brother 16 Host Julie Chen and Houseguests Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, and Zach
Big Brother 16 Host Julie Chen and Houseguests Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, and Zach

Last week was thankfully the last featuring two Heads of Household and the Battle of the Block. This past Sunday, we learned that Cody became the first sole Head of Household outside of the double eviction episode.

While Cody had a golden opportunity to redeem himself by nominating Frankie after disappointing the Big Brother fanbase weeks ago, he kept to the boring and predictable script of nominating Donny and Nicole. The Detonators, sans Zach, have largely stayed loyal to one another and seem committed to ridding the house of all outside the alliance.

Tonight, we discover who wins this pivotal golden Power of Veto and whether they use it to veto one of Cody’s nominations.

Cody tells the Diary Room that he had to put up Nicole in order to appease his other alliance members. Donny continued to elicit rumors about his past as Caleb came up with some bizarre story about him having a mental illness because his eyes moved a lot.

While Cody continuously talks about making big moves, they never seem to happen. Derrick encourages him to play it safe just about every time.

This week’s Team America mission is a definite cop out by production. They’re allowing Team America to come up with their own mission and America will vote to deem it successful and acceptable. Joy. Donny, the original receiver of the news, immediately pitched that the mission should be to save him from eviction.

Victoria had severe dental pains as her wisdom teeth started coming in. She went to see a medic but only worsened. Nicole found her collapsed on the bathroom floor and yelled for help. Production immediately sent a medic into the house to attend to her.

For this week’s Power of Veto, Cody and his nominees picked Christine, Derrick, and Frankie via random draw. Cody voiced his wish for the nominations to stay the same while Donny wanted anyone picked but Frankie.

While Donny continued to pitch that Team America use the mission to save him, Frankie pitched the bizarre idea of doing a play. Yep, a play. Sigh.

Prior to the Power of Veto competition, Christine guessed correctly that they would have the counting, “stay or fold” competition. She came up with a plan to throw the competition to Frankie as he claimed to be good at “calm counting.”

While the strategy was to have Frankie beat out Donny and Nicole, he failed miserably and Donny kicked him out of the competition. In the next two rounds, Cody was the only one to stay and subsequently won both rounds. You only need three to win this competition.

Stunningly, everyone else continues to fold and Cody walks away with the win by default. Cody picked Nicole and Donny to watch the viewing of Scorpion on CBS.

For the Team America play, each Houseguest played an evicted Houseguest. It was, well, interesting.

Cody, once again, started talking big moves. He floated the idea of nominating and evicting Frankie as the one to make big moves usually goes on to win the game.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Cody disappointed America yet again by keeping his nominations the same. Either Donny or Nicole will be evicted from the Big Brother house during tomorrow’s live eviction! Join us here and on Twitter @BigBroAccess as we bring you the latest on all things Big Brother!



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