Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Final Three Houseguests Revealed! 9/16/2015

The Big Brother spoilers for the final three Houseguests of season 17 will be revealed in our live recap of Wednesday’s eviction show tonight! This is what we’ve been waiting for, the final week of Big Brother 2015 and the epic battle to win a half million dollars

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We are down to the wire with only four Houseguests remaining in the competition — Liz, Steve, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac. After tonight, one of them will be out the door and off to the Jury, leaving us with the last three players who will compete in the epic, three-part final Head of Household Competition.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Late on Tuesday night, we found out the Big Brother spoilers for the Power of Veto Competition and which two Houseguests are on the block as the final eviction nominees. We also saw a dramatic (and possibly staged) breakdown of Head of Household Steve, who spent a good while sobbing almost hysterically in the HoH room. Why? Because a decision he allegedly made may have cost him the entire game if he makes it into the final two.

The official Power of Veto results and final nominees for the week will be announced during the show, followed by the live eviction. After that, we’ll move on to the first round of the final Head of Household Competition. This will most likely be an endurance competition, so the results won’t air on the show. However, we will be here watching the Big Brother Live Feeds to make sure you get the spoilers on who won as soon as it’s over!

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Tonight, Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb Reynolds returns tonight to host the first part of the final Head of Household Competition! Although from the promo, he’s looking more like Cowboy Ninja. Plus, Brendon and Rachel will be popping in for that big announcement coming up!

After evicting Austin, Vanessa goes on a crying spree apologizing to Liz and being so incredibly over dramatic. In Diary Room, she does her whole crocodile tears crying as well. Liz gives Vanessa a hug and tells her she knows and it’s okay, but in Diary Room Liz says now she has to do it on her own from now on.

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Seven minutes before the eviction, Steve told Johnny Mac he was not going to blindside him. He said he was going to blindside someone, but not him. Then he ran up to the Head of Household room to consult with Vanessa, who told him to trust her.

Steve says he didn’t mean to win the Head of Household Competition and it was just luck he won. Johnny Mac hasn’t won any HoH comps and he thinks he is soon to be out the door. Vanessa, meanwhile, tries to get back into Liz’s good graces because she could need her Jury vote later on. She certainly needs Liz on her side if she ends up in final three with her. She promises on her girlfriend to Liz that she will take her to the final two.

Of course, Vanessa turns right around and makes a final two deal with Johnny Mac. Because Vanessa always has to cover all her bases.

Eviction Nominations:

At the Nomination Ceremony, Steve announces that he is putting Vanessa and Johnny Mac up on the block. Of course, this doesn’t really mean all that much because it’s all about the Power of Veto Competition this week. Whoever wins the PoV will have all the power over the eviction.

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Now we have a break to peek into the Jury house as first Julia and then Austin walk in the door. Meg says Julia was the last person she would expect, as she would have gone for Liz first chance. They show the Jury how Julia chose to go against Austin in the Power of Veto competition, which Vanessa convinced her to do.

Big Brother 17 2

Austin arrives at the house barefoot, just like he was when he got evicted and had to go out to meet Julie Chen. Austin says in Diary that Vanessa is underestimating Judas and now he’s in Jury house and can work against her there. He tells everyone that Vanessa blindsided him and he can’t believe she scum-bagged him.

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