Tonight’s episode will feature the latest Head of Household competition with a new houseguest coming into power for the week inside the Big Brother 20 house.  The last episode left off with the houseguests beginning a harrowing HOH endurance competition where a HOH win is critical now with the house so divided.  After three weeks in a row of blindside evictions, drama and tensions inside the Big Brother house are palpable.

Big Brother 20 HOH Competition

In addition, we will also get to see which two Big Brother houseguests are nominated to the block for eviction later this week.  Who will the new HOH target this week?  How will the aftermath from the last eviction effect the nominations to the block this week?  Don’t forget that Sam Bledsoe’s Bonus Life should finally come into play this week with a “chance” to save the evicted houseguest.

Head of Household Competition

We pick up at the beginning of the HOH comp with rain starting to pour down on the houseguests.  Not only do they have to deal with rain, but Big Brother decided to make this comp a little sweet by adding honey to the mix.  Yes, Big Brother made it pour honey on the houseguests.  To add insult to injury, feathers were dropped after the honey for an absolute sticky, ooey, gooey mess.

Rockstar was the first houseguest to fall off her tree, and she was consoled by Scottie Salton on the sidelines.  Faysal Shafatt drops next followed by Brett.  After 52 minutes , there are only 4 houseguests remaining.  Tyler Crispen, Sam, Kaitlyn Herman, and Kaycee Clark still remain in the comp.

Kaitlyn drops at 61 minutes followed closely by Kaycee.  That leaves Tyler and Sam.  Sam promises Tyler she will not put him up this week as a cover for their secret alliance.  Finally at 62 minutes into the competition, Tyler concedes and Sam wins the fourth Head of Household of Big Brother 20.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe HOH

Live Eviction Aftermath

How will the houseguests react to another week with a blindsided eviction ceremony?  The vote was flipped again sending an obviously shocked and stunned Winston Hines out the door during the live eviction episode last Thursday evening.

Let’s not forget about the shade Brett Robinson threw at Angie Rockstar during his eviction speech where he announced she was the vote flipper, and he claimed that Angie told him she was going to pin the deed on Kaitlyn Herman.  Drama, drama, and some more drama.  We saw the “Rockstar” volcano explode right before the beginning of the HOH competition.

Brett admitted in the DR that he caused the chaos with his eviction speech simply because he can’t stand Rockstar.  No other reason than that.  Angie continued her verbal lashing to Brett about what a bold faced liar he was while Brett just stood there and suggested to Rockstar to own it.

JC Moundiux talks to Faysal in the storage and explains to him that he’s not playing a very good Big Brother game right now.  Faysal explains that he is in the middle of the Kaitlyn and Haleigh Broucher triangle.  JC told Faysal that he needs to stop trusting Kaitlyn as JC believes she’s the one lying constantly and flipping votes in the house.  Faysal knows that one of them is lying to him, but he cannot figure out which one it is.  He does know he needs to figure it out quickly.

Kaitlyn requests that Faysal speak with her alone.  Faysal confronts Kaitlyn about the lies and Kaitlyn denies it vehemently.  Kaitlyn breaks down into tears swearing that she is not lying to him.  In the middle of their dramatic exchange, Sam announces the time has come to see her HOH room ending the conversation abruptly.

Big Brother 20 HOH Sam Bledsoe

While Sam has everyone’s ear in her new HOH room, she makes a startling announcement.  She tells everyone that she already knows who she will be nominating to the block this week for eviction, but she insists that no one approach her about the nominations.  There is nothing that can be said or done to change her mind.  Once the noms are made, she will then play the game and let the houseguests talk to her about the situation.  In addition, she doesn’t want anyone in her HOH room unless accompanied by her and invited to the room.  Damn, Sam means business this week, for sure!

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn comes up with a scenario where Sam’s power app allowed her to flip 2 votes, and Kaitlyn thinks Sam did so against Winston to send him home this week.  Kaitlyn tells her story to many of the houseguests, including Tyler who knows the truth.  Tyler has to just stroke Kaitlyn’s ego and go along with her mastermind idea.

Meanwhile, Rockstar pulls a “Josh” from Big Brother 19 by banging pots and pans.  All the while, she is insulting Brett due to the recent shade thrown her way at the eviction ceremony by him.  All Rockstar seems to accomplish is irritating the houseguests inside the Big Brother house delighting Brett.  Let’s just say that Rockstar is no Josh Martinez when it comes to banging pots and pans.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

JC and Bayleigh Dayton got into a very heated conversation when JC  tried to relate the m-word for short people to the n word for African Americans. JC had no intentions of insulting Bayleigh, instead he want to explain the gravity of the word by using the n-word as an example of a word considered highly offensive by black people. As someone who has dealt with racism, Bayleigh became offended because the word is often used to degrade African Americans. The two had an open discussion about the severity of using both words. Both insisted they were right in their approach to the situation. In the end, they hugged and came to a better understanding of how to be more respectful toward each other’s cultural differences and personal journeys.

Week 4 Eviction Nominations

Sam began the nomination ceremony and put Haleigh and Kaitlyn on the block for eviction this week.  Sam explained that she choose Kaitlyn and Haleigh because they contributed the least to house while taking the most from it.  In addition, Sam explained that she didn’t care for the way the two of them treated the young men in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 20 block nominations

Sam felt that the men deserved more respect and their actions were the opposite of female empowerment.  Haleigh and Kaitlyn broke into tears, not because of being nominated to the block but because of Sam’s comments.  This should be a great time in the Big Brother house especially considering Sam’s Bonus Life comes into play with whoever the evicted houseguest ends up being this week.

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