After moving into their new summer digs, the Big Brother 20 cast did not waste much time. They immediately started to make deals and forming alliances. In very short order, we have a Big Brother house divided along 2 majority sides, with a few smaller alliances sprinkled in for some more fun.

Big Brother 20 Alliance

Level 6 Alliance pact confirmation. Photo Courtesy of CBS

With so many houseguests still inside the Big Brother house, these alliances and deals can get a bit confusing, so we are here to break it down for you.

The two main alliances inside the Big Brother house, thus far, are Level Six (similar to all former babes & bros alliances) and the “FOUTTE” (reminiscent of former Big Brother Over the Top’s Misfit alliance).  As always, we have used  @89razorskate20 graphics to help explain the current deals and alliances.

Big Brother 20 Promo

Level Six is comprised of Brett Robinson, Winston Hines, Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans, Rachel Swindler, and Kaycee Clark as the core 6 members of this alliance. Although JC Mounduix is not officially a member of the core alliance, he is certainly a part of this group inside the Big Brother house.

Winston seems to think that he is running the show at Level Six, and none of his fellow houseguests have tried to take the crown. He is certainly a major driving force for these guys and gals. Winston and Brett already have a final 2 deal between them, and Rachel and Angela are as thick as thieves together. Tyler is juggling both sides of the house somehow, while Kaycee is sitting at the bottom of this group. JC is running around the house trying to play ice-cream man with the scooper…let’s just leave that one alone.

On the other side of the Big Brother house, we have FOUTTE which stands for Five Of Us To The End. This alliance includes Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, Faysal Shafaat, Angie “Rockstar Lantry, Haleigh Broucher, and Kaitlyn Herman.  There is no doubt Swaggy lays claim as the leader of this group of houseguests, but Swaggy also claims that. he is the best player inside the Big Brother house…no comment. Although Bayleigh Dayton is not officially a member of this group, she and Swaggy have already made a final 2 deal together in-between their rounds of tonsil hockey.

In addition to the houseguests listed above in FOUTTE, Steve Arienta and Scottie Salton fall to this side of the house as well.  Foutte is working hard right now to save Steve from being the first houseguest evicted. Scottie and Steve have made an unlikely pair inside the Big Brother house in season 20, and they have one of the strongest bonds formed thus far.

Big Brother 20 Alliance Five

Faysal and Kaitlyn have a very tight connection also, but Haleigh and Kaitlyn have a final 2 deal that may cause a rift between Faysal and Kaitlyn. That triangle should be fun to watch play out.

Poor little Sam Bledsoe, who is also on the block for eviction this week with Steve, is the loneliest houseguest right now.  Her only true ally is Tyler. His alliance, Level Six, is working hard to keep Sam inside the Big Brother house in hopes of adding her vote to their side.

Tyler is the one houseguest that has managed to spread his wings all over the Big Brother 20 household. Amazingly, he has done this while serving as the first Head of Household.  We will have to wait and see how long Tyler can keep up the charade of making both sides of the house happy with him.  History dictates that those houseguests in this position must choose a side rather sooner than later.

Join us again tonight at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the first  Big Brother 20 Power of Veto competition.

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