On Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 21, we learned that Whacktivity is played out in three different competitions. For the first three weeks of Big Brother 21, they have to face off in groups of five (or however many players are left). The first week was a smelling competition that put houseguests against each other to win the Nightmare activity and prize.

For the first week, Cliff Hogg III, Kathryn Dunn, Ovi Kabir, Nicole Anthony, and Isabella Wang tried their hardest to identify different disgusting smells. In the end, Ovi was the winner.

With his win came the prize of the Nightmare prize. This prize allows him to make the week a nightmare for the current Head of Household. After nomination ceremony (not after Power of Veto ceremony), he can wake the entire house up, and then force the Head of Household to make new nominations. The two previous nominees become safe for the entire week.
Ovi had six weeks to use this power. Unfortunately, Ovi didn’t get to use it before he was evicted from the game. He might come back and still get to use it, but for now, let’s hope the next winner has better luck with their prize.

This week, Holly Allen, Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Sam Smith, and Tommy Bracco compete for the Chaos prize. With four out of the five competitors in this one being part of Gr8ful, then there is a good chance one of them will win the prize, and put it in the hands of that alliance.

However, Sam already won the Veto against what seemed like strong players, so we might have a repeat of that win with this win.

So who won the Chaos Whacktivity prize? And what is the prize?



The houseguests had to go to their cabins then come out and search through a snake pit. They had to find a match for each of the three special snakes that appeared in front of them. They had to then find that snake and put it in the box next to their match.

The houseguest that matched the snakes correctly in the fastest time won the Whacktivity prize.

Tommy went first. He got all his matches in the first run, but he was a little scared of them.

Sam went next. He also was a little nervous of being bitten, but got all his correct once he matched them.

Holly went next. She also got hers on the first try, but struggled to get one of them in their box.

Jackson went next. He struggled to get the last snake right, but got it on the second try.

Jack went next. He also got his on the first try.

The person with the fastest time was Jack. Jack won the Chaos Whacktivity. 

His prize is that the Chaos forces a new Veto picking draw. He could force everyone to redraw and pick players. It’s also good for six weeks.


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