Well kids, summer is almost over which means Big Brother 20 is ending sooner than we would like for it to, but all good things must come to an end.  With only 8 houseguests left in the Big Brother house, everything is starting to become quite critical for everyone’s gameplay.  In addition to Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat fighting for their lives tonight in the Power of Veto competition, we may get a bit more information about the Battle Back competition Julie Chen teased us about last Sunday evening.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat

But first things first, the Power of Veto is on the line tonight and is more important than ever to Haleigh and Fessy.  The showmance duo are both on the block this week thanks to Head of Household Angela Rummans.  She made a big move for her Level 6 alliance to ensure one of them goes home tomorrow evening, but they still have a way to save their game, by winning the golden POV.

Block Nomination Aftermath

With Haleigh and Fessy both on the block for eviction, will Fessy finally see the error of his ways last week with sending his own alliance member to the jury house?  Scottie Salton’s eviction from the house last week was definitely a dagger in Fayleigh’s gameplay as well as Scottie’s.  Now, Fayleigh only have each other to fall back on in the Big Brother house at this point in the game.

Angela admitted in the diary room that she nominated Fessy and Haleigh to break up the power couple.  Fessy admitted that he was blindsided, once again.  We have lost count as to how many times Fessy has not been in the ‘loop’ this summer.  Angela has her eyes set on the POV so her noms can stay the same.

JC Moundiux is afraid that if Haleigh wins the POV, he will be put on the block as the replacement nominee.  Obviously, this is the last thing JC wants and plans to do whatever he can to avoid the block.  He has managed to remain block free so far in Big Brother 20.

During an interesting conversation with JC, Fessy jokingly asked JC if he would take him off the block if he won the POV.  JC said he would be worried about being evicted the following week if he pulled a move like that.  Fessy made sure to open JC’s eyes to the fact that the members of Level 6 will be knocking him off as soon as he, Haleigh and Sam are gone….JC will be the next to go.

Power of Veto Competition

Fessy has a decent track record with competitions in the Big Brother game with 2 previous POV wins and an HOH crown.  Haleigh has her single HOH victory, but she also was also a least trending houseguest in the first week of the game which granted her a nice Hamlet recital punishment.  Fessy needs to watch out for Tyler Crispen who has 3 previous POV wins and an HOH win.  He’s surely a competition beast and will want to add another victory under his belt, not just for himself but to also help Angela and Level 6 assure that they send Fessy or Haleigh home tomorrow night at the live eviction.

Fayleigh still has some hope left in their Big Brother game.  If either houseguest can manage this critical POV win, they can pull on of themselves off the block, at least.  They, most likely, will not have the votes to save the other remaining block member from eviction.  But hey, it doesn’t hurt to look for some silver lining somewhere in this dark cloud Fessy and Haleigh have jointly created with questionable gameplay over the last few weeks.

6 of the 8 remaining houseguests will participate in the POV competition.  Of course, the HOH Angela and the 2 block nominees Haleigh and Fessy will play.  In addition, Kaycee Clark, JC, and Sam Bledsoe will play for this week’s POV.  Fessy has the cards stacked in his favor with the POV, especially since Tyler nor Brett are participating.

This week’s POV competition is called Mission to Planet Veto.  The players must catch balls of vetonium while being being shot at with goobs of slime.  This is not an easy competition.  There are 3 rounds in the competition and the point value of catching the balls increases in each round ranging from 1 to 3.  The player with the most points wins the golden POV.  During the final round, the players must catch the balls with their mouths, no touch allowed by their hands.

Big Brother 20 POV

This competition should be close between 2 of the houseguests.  Kaycee is a professional football player and Fessy played football in college.  They both have a big advantage in this competition with catching the balls in the second round.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

As predicted, Sam, Haleigh, Angela and JC did fair to midland in the competition.  The final winner will definitely come down to either Fessy or Kaycee for sure.  Points are as follows…JC and Sam received 2 points each.  Haleigh received 13 points, Angela received 16 points, and Fessy scored 32 points.  Finally, Kaycee scored 33 points and won the POV competition.

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Kaycee decided NOT to use the POV and keep the nominations the same.  This decision means that either Haleigh or Fessy will be joining the jury this week, but wait…Don’t forget about the Battle Back competition coming our way later this week.  The evicted houseguest this week will compete against Bayleigh Dayton, Rockstar Lantry, and Scottie Salton for their chance back into the Big Brother house.  Anyway you look at it, a Hive alliance member will be in the Big Brother house once again.

Big Brother 20

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