The time has finally come in the Big Brother: Over the Top season for the Double Eviction this evening immediately following the weekly recap show.  Don’t forget the weekly show airs at a special time tonight which will start two hours early or at 8 PM ET/6 PM PT.

Big Brother Over the Top

Big Brother Over the Top

Recall that during a double eviction week, there will be competitions and ceremonies for two full weeks packed into one show.  That will begin by recapping this week’s HOH competition, Safety ceremonies, America’s Nominee, Power of Veto competition and Power of Veto ceremony, and then will be followed by the first live eviction for the night. Following the first eviction, the show tonight will include all of those ceremonies and competitions held live during the show leading up to a second live eviction.

When all of the dust settles tonight, there will only be six houseguests left in the Big Brother house.  Those six HGs will then compete for the next HOH tonight after the second eviction.  Plan on a long evening fans, but we will be here to share all of the action with you.

The show kicks off recalling Scott’s eviction last week.  Scott was voted out of the Big Brother: Over the Top house by unanimous vote.  The HOH competition kicks off next.

The HOH competition this week involves the HG face morph contest which is timed.  Each HG gets a chance to review each of the seven pics in the backyard and pick the names of the two HG in the morphed photo.  The HG to correctly name all  HGs in the seven photos win HOH for the week.

This competition is called Freshman Class and has a 30 minute time limit for each HG.  As HG complete the challenge in faster times, that time limit is imposed on the HGs.  Shelby completed the competition is three minutes and 43 seconds and has set the lowest threshold for the comp to this point.

Shelby wins the HOH competition is the super fast time of 3 mins and 43 seconds.  The Late Night Jamboree alliance is worried about Shelby’s HOH as they are certain to be her target.  Jason and Justin are both particularly worried about being the target of Shelby’s this week for eviction.

Justin proclaims that Shelby becoming HOH is his worst nightmare, and he might be right about that.  Behind closed doors, Shelby, Alex, and Morgan celebrate in the storage room not realizing the remainder of the house can hear them screaming in joy.

America’s Care Package arrives for the week.  This package is the Co-HOH and Jason has won the care package this week.  This will entitle him to share the perk’s of the HOH with Shelby.  Jason will nominate one of the two HGs to the block for eviction while Shelby nominates the other.


Jason reveals to Shelby that he wants to nominate one of his own HGs…and he names Danielle.  He convinces Shelby to nominate a HG from her side, like Whitney.  This master plan will allow for Jason to backdoor a power player later in the week like Alex or Morgan.

At the first safety ceremony, Shelby saves Morgan and Jason saves Kryssie.  The next day, Shelby saves Alex and Jason saves Justin.  This confirms that the two block nominees are Danielle and Whitney.

Jason is thrilled his plan is going along as planned.  He will win POV and pull Danielle off the block and replace her nominee with Alex…the ultimate backdoor plan.

America’s nominee for eviction this week is Alex, and she is very surprised she has been picked.  The POV competition is up next.



The POV competition is a called Balance of Power and involves the HGs transferring small balls in a plastic tube across a balance beam without dropping the balls or touching the ground by falling off the balance beam.  The first player to transfer 30 balls first will win the POV.


Jason won the HOH and his backdoor plan seems to be set in motion.  He plans on using the POV on Danielle and bringing her down off the block and then putting up Morgan as his target for eviction.

Morgan, Alex, and Shelby approach Jason and ask him to help them get Whitney out this week.  Jason plays along and then runs to share the info with his alliance.  The LNJ are having so much fun with this deception.  Jason even has some more fun with them and offers Shelby Justin for eviction on a platter.  Shelby can’t believe how fortunate she has become.


As planned, Jason brings Danielle off the block with the POV and puts up Morgan in her place.  Needless to say, the other side of the house did not take to the backdoor too well.  Shelby, Morgan, and Alex really do not know what just hit them.


The backdoor girls approach the LNJ in the backyard.  They let it be known that Alex is the target for eviction this week.

The live eviction is next.  The three block nominees are giving their “please let me stay” speeches and then we are off to the live evictions.

  • Kryssie votes to evict Alex
  • Justin votes to evict Alex
  • Danielle votes to evict Alex

By a vote of 4-0, including America’s vote, Alex has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Julie Chen shares with the HGs that America will not nominate a HG to the block this week, and America will not vote for the live eviction, but…America will vote live to give one of the remaining HGs a care package.  Julie does promise that this double eviction will be like none in Big Brother history.

The HOH competition studying has begun.  This one is called the Big Brother Shopping Network.  The HGs are reviewing photos of various items for sale.  These are the same photos the HGs received earlier to study from for the competition tonight.  On a side note, Juston seems more interested in eating his cereal than last minute studying for the comp.  Someone needs to tell him that America is watching him chew with his mouth full and it’s a bit annoying…just saying!


Rachel Reilly has entered the house, the winner of Big Brother 13.  Rachel is married to other Big Brother alum Brendon Villegas.  She will be officiating the HOH for the double eviction.


The comp has begun.  There will be 7 true or false questions, and each question answered correctly will be worth 1 point.

Justin is the first HG to miss a question giving him only 3 points while the other HGs have 4 points.  After 7 rounds, 4 of the HGs are tied.  Justin has been eliminated.  The tie-breaker question is next.


Danielle won the HOH by guessing the closest to the total amount of all the items in the comp including the shipping and handling.

The HG head back in to the house after Danielle has won the competition.  Danielle asks production if she can eat now that she is HOH as she has been a Have-Not and has been eating slop all week.

Finally, the America’s Care Package has arrived and Morgan is the winner.  Due to the double eviction tonight, this ACP gives the winner essentially the POV power as there is not a competition tonight.  Not only is Morgan safe from eviction, she can also save one other person from eviction which would be Shelby.

If the HOH, Danielle, nominated someone to the block, Morgan would use her special power this evening to save them, therefore, there is no reason for Danielle to nominate someone to the block that Morgan doesn’t want on the block.  Danielle visits Shelby and Morgan and reveals she needs assistance with whom she should nominate for eviction tonight, considering the ACP Morgan has received.  That means either Justin, Jason, Kryssie, or Whitney will be going home tonight.


Danielle has made it clear that she really only wants to keep Jason safe from her alliance.  In the middle of negotiations with Shelby and Morgan, Danielle is called to the Dairy Room and still has not decided with certainty who should go home tonight.

Danielle is in the HOH room sobbing in anguish over who to nominate and who to keep safe tonight on Big Brother.  Danielle’s nominees for eviction tonight are Whitney and Justin, both of who are in her own alliance.  Julie was correct when she said tonight’s double eviction would have more twists and turns than expected.

The entire house is in tears at this point.  Jason is crying, Kryssie is crying, Danielle is a mess, Whitney is sobbing, what a rough night in the Big Brother house.


The HGs are now waiting for the POV meeting where Morgan will most likely pass on using the power to take a HG off the block for eviction.

The POV was short and sweet.  Morgan announced that she would not be using her power to take any of the HGs off the block this evening.  Justin thinks there is some “willy foo-foo shit” going on with the series of events tonight because he and Whitney never had a chance to fight for their lives before the eviction.  He is correct about that considering the way the ACP was designed to play out.

The second and final eviction ceremony of the night has begun, almost 5 hours since the 8 PM ET start time.  Whitney and Justin make their final pleas to the HGs which were short and to the point.

The votes are as follows:

  • Morgan votes to evict Justin
  • Kryssie votes to evict Whitney
  • Shelby votes to evict Justin
  • Jason votes to evict Whitney

There is a tied vote with the tie-breaker going to the current HOH, Danielle.  She will decide who be the second HG that will be evicted this evening.  Danielle votes to evict Whitney.

Whitney has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Be sure to check our other posts for information about the HOH competition still to be held this evening.

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