Celebrity Big Brother finally begins tonight. It feels like we have been waiting forever for the new Big Brother series to start, because back in September, we didn’t know what to expect or think when Julie Chen announced plans for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Now, we’re only a few more hours away from the start of something new and exciting. It’s going to be a quick season but hopefully one worth the wait.

Celebrity Big Brother Cast Premiere

CBS has been kind enough to give us a sneak peek of the season. For three days, Big Brother has shown us a little of the Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds, which also begin tonight. In the Live Feeds previews, with the addition of some Reddit help, we were able to learn a few spoilers about tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother episode.



Celebrity Big Brother will be fast tracked, so we’ll have at least two evictions every week. The first one is likely this Friday, but there is a possibility of one Thursday and then another on Friday, or two on Friday. That means double the amount of stress each week, but luckily going into tonight’s Big Brother episode, we already know the results of the Head of Household, Power of Veto, and nomination ceremony.

Apparently, Celebrity Big Brother started intense competitions early with an endurance one. The houseguests had to hang on Oscars. Whoever lasted the longest became the new Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household. Shannon Elizabeth outlasted them all and became The Head of Household.

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Elizabeth

Later, the Power of Veto competition was played. It was the spelling won. Once again, Shannon won. She holds most of the power this week. This spelling competition also seems to have involved rewards and punishments because James Maslow and Ariadna Gutierrez have to crawl around as babies for their punishments.

We know that Shannon nominated James Maslow and Chuck Liddell. James is Shannon’s current target–due to just not being someone the women seem to like very much (also he’s probably a physical threat to them).

We’re not sure why Chuck was nominated yet, but he seems very well liked in the house. Shannon and the women were also considering taking Chuck down, and putting up Mark McGrath in his place.

Celebrity Big Brother Ariadna Gutierrez

Mark annoyed many of the female houseguests during the POV competition. Mark is not their target, but they were considering making a statement by nominating him.

There was also a secret power given out this week, and Keshia Knight Pulliam won it. We’re not sure exactly how, but the power allows her to take Shannon’s place as HOH. We doubt she’ll use this power, at least this week. If it’s a multiple week power, she may use it at some point. But with such a short season, seems like it’ll only be good for this upcoming eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother houseguests

The final major spoiler is that the house is already divided with the women against the men.

Update (2/7/18- 2:53 BBT): On the preview for today, Shannon and Omarosa said that Keshia was the HOH. This either means it was misreported about Shannon being HOH, or Keshia used her power.

Join us later tonight for a few notes on the Celebrity Big Brother premiere episode. Then come back tomorrow morning for the first official recap of the episode and Live Feeds. We also have some more preseason stuff coming up tonight, so stay tuned!

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