Big Brother 13 Episode 23 Recap – Porsche and Pandora’s Box

This week in the Big Brother 13 house is shaping up to be just as drama-filled and crazy as last week. With a double eviction leaving everyone reeling and a Pandora’s Box twist that could dramatically alter the balance of power in the house, it just gets more fun by the minute!

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS started off with a flashback to the night before the eviction. Rachel confronts Jeff and asks him if he threw the ‘corn hole’ competition, which pretty much resulted in her boy toy Brendon getting evicted.

Jeff firmly denies that he threw the competition or saying that he threw it, although this is entirely untrue. Rachel tells him that Shelly told her he did. Finally, Jeff seems to be realizing that his buddy Shelly may not be as much on his side as he thought. He’s upset about this, “heartbroken” even because he talks “night in and night out with his heart” to Shelly.

Moving along to two hours before the eviction, Jeff says he has had “just about all I can take of Shelly and her buddy buddy with Daniele. Enough is enough. If you’re not working on that side, why are you talking so much to her? I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

Shelly, concerned about Jeff giving her the cold shoulder, asks him “what is up your ass today, meanie deanie” and he replies “too much fucking back and forth. I don’t like it anymore. Everybody’s best friends.” He walks off and Shelly nervously guesses that someone has “spilled the beans” about her trying to keep Daniele in the house.

Shelly asks Adam how he is going to vote for the eviction and Adam says he still plans to vote out Daniele. Shelly questions if Adam has been telling Jeff about their discussions. Adam says that Jeff is just getting paranoid. In the Diary Room, Adam says he hopes the final four will be him, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan.

Jeff wants to know what really is going on with Shelly and takes Adam aside into the purple room. Adam happily rats her out. Shelly overhears and gets up in Jeff’s face yelling that she has gone in and done everything for him and now all of a sudden he thinks she is switching sides.

Adam asks Shelly directly, in front of Jeff, whether she had been campaigning for votes for Daniele. Shelly says Adam has been in on the plan the whole time. Adam asks if he ever said yes to the plan and she yells that yes he did (but no he didn’t, not really Shelly).

Adam walks out while Shelly continues to try to salvage the situation. Jeff says that Shelly has screwed herself. Shelly tells Jeff that everyone in the house has been in on the plan EXCEPT Jeff and Jordan. She continues to try to make herself not look like a total sellout biatch, although Jeff really isn’t buying it. Shelly says in the Diary Room that she is telling Jeff anything she can that she hopes he wants to hear to get back in his good graces.

An hour before eviction, Jeff sits down with Jordan and Adam. Adam happily spills all about what is going on in the house and admits he is voting Daniele out. Shelly overhears (again!) and comes in to try to get back in good with J&J. Adam laughs at her and just keeps asking why she wants to keep Daniele so bad?

Shelly finally admits that she wants to keep Daniele because no one will be able to win in the end if they are in the finals with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is very upset and Jordan says she is “in shock” and “super disappointed.” In the Diary Room, Jordan says Shelly “used our big hearts to get her farther in the game.” Shelly tries to make Adam look as bad as herself by saying that he has been in on all the plan talks with Daniele.

Jeff gets nasty back with Shelly and asks why she told Rachel he threw the ‘corn hole’ competition. Shelly says that Daniele told her that and Jeff says she should have asked him about it first. Porsche and Rachel can hear the yelling and cameras show them trying to eavesdrop.

After all this drama, we have recapping of the live eviction episode. Daniele is evicted and Kalia is in tears over it. Shelly knows she is screwed because she voted for Daniele and Jeff will never trust her again.

Kalia’s tears are soothed, however, when she wins the Head of Household competition. After the Head of Household competition, Kalia nominates Rachel and Jeff, which is happy news for Shelly. Kalia says in the Diary Room that since she promised she would never, ever put Jordan up, she can’t break that word. But that doesn’t save Jeff from her nominations.

Porsche wins the Power of Veto and does not use it, despite Jeff reminding her that he saved her the previous week.

The votes for the eviction come down to a tie and Kalia makes the deciding vote, sending Jeff to the Jury House. Jeff thinks Adam has voted against him and Adam is totally upset about it, telling Jordan he did NOT vote against Jeff. Jordan, meanwhile, is in a total furious, crying rage.

Jordan bashes herself for being “so stupid for trusting Shelly” and whines about having given her phone call home to Shelly. Shelly, who apparently can hear everything in the house, comes in and tells Jordan when she calms down they can talk. Jordan says she does not want to talk to her. Shelly will not leave Jordan alone and suddenly Jordan explodes all over her. This leads to one of the most epic screaming matches of the whole season so far, which you can see in totally fun screenshots here.

Finally we get to the next Head of Household competition, which involves rolling a ball along a flat snake body and trying to get it into the snake’s eye. Rachel says it is fitting because she and Jordan are surrounded by snakes in the house. In the end, Porsche scores the best and is HoH. Rachel sighs dramatically, “Goodbye Big Brother house” as she heads off to the bedroom.

Shelly immediately goes after Adam and soon the two are conspiring again like nothing ever happened between them. “I need to go to where there is the most protection,” Adam says.

Jordan and Rachel are crying and being total wusses. Jordan feels like she just wants to give up. “I lose every competition, and Jeff leaves this house. I’ve cried so much that I can’t even cry no more.”

Up in the Head of Household room, Porsche finds a Pandora’s Box, which she happily says is “awesome”. Porsche reads the card, which says that the box could contain either something very good or very bad. She hopes it will be good for her. Porsche is shown two envelopes with $5000 on them with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. To get the prizes, Porsche ends up releasing the original duo system back into the house for one week.

“All the original duo rules apply. Duos will be nominated as a pair. If the Veto is used, they’ll be removed from the block as a pair. If the duo remains on the block, they’ll be forced to campaign against one another in order to stay in the house.”

When the twist is announced to the rest of the houseguests, Rachel and Jordan are ecstatic and immediately team up. Jordan is happy because she thinks they now have a chance to stay and get out who they want (namely Shelly). Porsche and Kalia team up (and Kalia then gets the other $5000), which leaves Shelly and Adam as the default team. Shelly says this could not have happened at a worst time. Porsche said opening Pandora’s Box was the worst game move she ever made.

The episode closes out with an announcement that there will be an “epic” battle for the veto shown on Wednesday. (If you have seen the Big Brother live feeds, you’ll know the battle wasn’t all that epic, to say the least.)

If you just can’t wait to find out who Porsche nominated for eviction and who wins the Power of Veto, you can check out the nominations here and the Veto Competition results here.

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