Big Brother 14 Rumors: Alumni to Return as Mentors?

The Big Brother 14 rumor mill is in full spin mode and we have another possible ‘spoiler’ bit of gossip for you this morning. While I would personally rather not see any former alumni in the Big Brother 2012 season, this rumor offers up a way that CBS could bring back favorite old players, while still having all new players at the same time.

How is that? Well, the rumor is that CBS will be bringing some favorite Big Brother players from the past to serve as ‘mentors’ for the new players on Big Brother 14. The rumor allegedly comes from Missyae @TheGameSurvivor on Twitter. This could be a good indication this rumor might actually be true, as @TheGameSurvivor has provided a number of truthful Survivor spoilers in the past, and so they may indeed have some kind of inside scoop going on.

“Big Brother 14 to have ex players as ‘mentors’ this season. I will release 1 who turned them down and 1 who didnt in the next few days” (@TheGameSurvivor)

Another clue to this possibly being true could be the most recent Big Brother 14 commercial promo video that was just released, which shows 17 former HouseGuests in quick succession talking about lying, cheating, backstabbing and expecting the unexpected. We’ve already had the spoiler that there will be more HouseGuests this season than any previous year. Could it be that we will be having 17 new HouseGuests paired up with former Big Brother alumni, maybe even ones from the newest promo?

While, of course, this is still just a totally unconfirmed rumor, I could see how this could be a fun and very different twist for Big Brother 14. First off, it would be interesting to see how it was determined which newbies would be paired with which veteran mentor. Most fun would be some sort of competition where the newbies would have to battle it out to choose which mentor they wanted to have. That would be even more fun if some of the Big Brother 14 mentors were people NO ONE wanted to have.

I imagine that if this rumor is true about the Big Brother 2012 season, there would most likely not be a one-on-one ratio of newbies to mentors. Instead, they’d either have a team of newbies under each mentor, or only some of the newbies would somehow get a mentor, while the others had to go it alone. Either way, it could certainly prove to be a very interesting new dynamic to the game.

What do you think? Would you like this rumor to be true and have Big Brother alumni back in the house, not as players, but as mentors to a whole new crop of HouseGuests?

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