Big Brother 14 Spoilers: State of the Game Report – Friday, Week 9

Yesterday in the Big Brother 14 house was absolutely insane with a live double eviction and two Head of Household Competitions. Now the houseguests are nervously waiting on the next round of eviction nominations from the new HoH. We have a good idea of who is going to go up, as long as the HoH doesn’t change their mind at the last minute. Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers to check out the current state of the game!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

This was somewhat of a risky move for Dan to win this HoH as he probably would not have been nominated if he’d lost it to anyone else in the house except Chef Joe. Winning it left him unable to compete for the second Head of Household Competition of the day and he is at more risk now that he was for the last HoH.

We won’t go over much that happened yesterday morning as it is mostly moot at this point. However, it is worth noting that Dan Gheesling somehow managed to keep Frank Eudy pretty much totally in the dark that he was about to be evicted last night. Then, he managed to pull off a win in the first Head of Household Competition, resulting in Chef Joe Arvin ending up as the second person evicted last night. You can read up on all the madness from the CBS Big Brother 14 live show in our recap here.

When the Big Brother live feeds came back on last night around 7:05 PM BBT after the live eviction show, Ian was giddy. He told Danielle that one of them (the Quack Pack alliance) had just won the $500k.

Meanwhile, Shane thanked Dan for not putting him up on the block. Dan urged Shane not to tell anyone about their deal (final 2, final 3 with Danielle, Dan has so many deals I can’t keep track). Shane swore he would not not. Moments later, Shane left and Ian came in. Hilariously, Dan immediately started working Ian to put up Shane if he wins HoH.

Dan wants Jenn and Shaney Meaney for eviction with the hope that perhaps they can get Shane out… if they can get Danielle Murphree on board with seeing her boy toy evicted. Dan told Ian he will work Danielle until she sees it his way, even if he has to lock her in a room for 24 hours. Dan compared Ian positively to his former ally Memphis once again, feeding Ian’s ego. They talked about how Jenn is crying because she just lost her only real support in the house when Frank left.

After talking to Ian, Dan went about ‘misting’ Danielle. He talked to her about their final three deal with Jenn and how it needs to be the three of them at the end. (This may actually be Dan’s ‘true’ final 3 deal because it would be best for him to go in against Jenn and Danielle over having Shane or Ian in the final 3.) Dan tasked Danielle with making sure Jenn stays on board with them despite being pissed over Frank leaving. Danielle later does just that, having a long ‘girl power’ moment with Jenn where they both declare they believe in each other… ugh.

Continuing to play the game like a pro, Dan told the Quack Pack thank you for trusting him and supporting him. Ian was happy and bursting with mad energy. He told everyone that one of them just won 500k! They talked about how Jenn must NOT be allowed to win any more competitions. Dan stroked Ian’s ego some more by congratulating him on founding the ‘Quack Pack’.

The Big Brother live feeds cut out for the second Head of Household Competition.

The feeds come back and the winner of the second HoH Competition of the night was Ian Terry, who is now on his third HoH win. Ian is now sitting with a very difficult choice to make because he is currently in an alliance with everyone left in the house except Jenn Arroyo. He could stick with Dan’s plan to possibly get out Shane by nominating him and Jenn. He could nominate Dan to help keep his final 2 alliance with him secret. Or, he could make a huge move and try to get out his probably biggest competition — Dan.

Initially, Ian told Dan Gheesling he wanted to put him up on the block against Jenn because this would hide their final 2 alliance. This was a good idea on Ian’s part in two ways. He could hide the alliance, and he could possibly betray that alliance and get Dan evicted by the rest of the Quack Pack if he decided that was the best way to go.

Dan, however, was NOT going to have any of that because he didn’t want to end up the victim of his own scheme. He just ended up getting Frank evicted in an almost identical scenario and he does not trust Ian or the other houseguests enough not to take advantage of him being on the block.

Now we are just waiting to see how the nominations actually go down and what kind of drama will ensue once Ian announces who will be on the block. We can only hope that if he does make it to the final 2, Ian will stop calling himself a “socially inept loser” to the Big Brother cameras. Especially when he does cute things like freak out the other houseguests this morning when he briefly convinces them he got a Pandora’s Box in his HoH room.

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